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August 31, 2008

1. Ridding The Ego And Dealing With Extremely Threatening Situations

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If one succeeds in ridding the ego, the animal mind, then how does one deal with extremely and acutely threatening situations?

Say for instance, you are being mugged late at night and the gravity of the robbery is that serious that the mugger is totally psychopathic and is out to kill you. There’s no room or time to reason. The clock is ticking. How do you deal with this? How do you defend yourself? Or do you?

What about a situation in which your child is being victimized of molestation or rape. You’re entering the place of derelict and witness what is going on. The molester acts like a complete psychopath but you have killed your ego. Again, there’s no room or time to reason with the perpetrator. Do you go save your child and neutralize the assailant? If so, how?

So how does a fully developed human being deal successfully with extremely threatening situations if its natural animal mind has quieted?


  1. I have no idea but pls go ahead and explain

    Comment by Nabeel Mirza — January 15, 2009 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

  2. From someone I know contacted me saying he cannot comment anymore on wordpress:

    The last question is referring to destruction of the ego, if you one serves a spiritual entity. This can be anything. But the spiritual mind can only get active, after the animal or natural ego has been destroyed. Propaganda however connects to the Natural ego, the animal mind. People that destroy their ego, are spiritual people.

    The first questions are, in my opinion but I would have to check this, referring to the attack on the holy man. This is a spiritual motive for inquisition. Threatening the holy man is very important in the higher Luciferian service. Because the holy man is the leader of society. A holy man can not be influenced by propaganda, so that is why these questions are made.

    An example:
    The people want a man in government, that they can trust. That’s logical. Political campaigns are made in such a way, that the people will vote the man that is most holy to them. This can be a socialist, that promises to protect the poor and vulnerable, or a Christian Democrat, that promises to obey Jesus Christ. Or a liberal, that promises to protect the safety of the family and the means by what the family survives. I am putting it bluntly here, we know it is a little more advanced as in my example. Any how, if one wants to control politics, and some holy man becomes succesful, these questions have to be made, in order to seduce the holy man to obey powers of the ones asking the questions. This is the holy man under attack. This is also what holy inquisition has been doing all over history, and is serves the purpose of power.

    Gnosticism is, as I encountered it in my studies in the past, a cult set up by counter reformation, but is set up to convince the holy man. Gnosis is Greek means knowledge. However, when the official inquisition started in the 4th century, when the Roman Catholic Church was set up, the first people that where persecuted where the Gnostics. That where not people that called themselves Gnostics, they where in fact the people that knew the original teachings of Jesus Christ, or whatever truth was found there. These had to be killed, in order for Roman Catholicism to become succesful. Otherwise no one would believe Roman Catholicism. That historical occurence explains why ignorance is very important for Roman Catholicism, while at the same moment the knowledge of the persecuted are stolen in order to inspire Roman Catholic teachings.

    Socialism is these days more succesful as Roman Catholicism. Plans for the European Union are, to make the European Union into a Sovjet Style police state. Not a Theocracy, as was done in the Middle Ages. This sounds very stupid, but most leftwing people that I know are anti semetic, or made antisemetic very easy. Adolph Hitler was also a Socialist, a National Socialist, short: Nazi. But Hitler was not German, so he was not National. Most people believe that propaganda easy. Not only the socialists, also the anti socialists are believers of that propaganda. The Hegelian dialectic is working here, where a third party is the one controlling the socialists and anti socialists. This is very visible in Dutch Politics, where the fight between left-wing and right-wing brings the Roman Catholic party in power most elections, although the Roman Catholics are a minority.

    Interesting here, is the question whether Protestantism and Catholicism are a Hegelian Dialectic. This question was asked by Greg Szymanski once. Very interesting, but the Holy man is also working in this opposition, a holy man is not influenced by propaganda, that is why the opposition between Protestantism and Catholicism is not an easy to understand Hegelian dialectic. Partly it is though, if so, the atheists will win elections. Because atheism is the synthesis of the thesis Catholicism having as an antithesis Protestantism.

    I hope you know what the Hegelian Dialectic is:
    Thesis > put an Antithesis > solution is synthesis.

    This is how the animal mind works.
    Gnosticism here, as a synthetic antithesis seducing some one that that not buy Catholicism or Socialism as a belief, is doing experiments with torture in order to force people to commit to thesis, antithesis or synthesis.

    Comment by Phil — February 28, 2009 @ 8:59 pm | Reply

  3. I’ve been dealing with this exact question myself. Especially in this time when it seems as if our own government is preparing for war against us, the people. I’ve come to the conclusion that taking a life is a last resort. There are many non-lethal forms of self defense. I think everyone should invest in learning how to defend themselves without killing others.

    Comment by Illestraider — May 22, 2009 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

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