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August 31, 2008

3. The Ontology Of God – Evolution Vs Creation, Is a synthesis possible?


I have read the Secret Book of John – The Gnostic Gospel. As you may know the book supposedly is a recorded dialogue between Jesus Christ and John the Apostle, in which the former explains the nature and history of the material world as well as the Divine Kingdom and how they both relate to each other.

The book states that the world we find ourselves in was created by a monstrous being called Yaldabaoth (of which I was told is a synonym of Lucifer), who in turn itself came into being by what you may call a momentarily quite literally demented God (Yaldabaoth was conceived out of a combination of Divine Ignorance and Desire AFAIU). Basically because of this divine error on the part of the Wisdom of God (‘Sophia’) we humans are in the bloody mess we have been and continue to be in today. This raises serious questions as to the ultimate competence of God as a creative being.

For instance, if he is Almighty then why does he let us suffer so much for something we didn’t even do in the first place but for which He is ultimately responsible? If He can intervene and restore us into Divinity, then why doesn’t He? Why does he leave it up our feeble little selves to be engaged in this perpetual, unfairly balanced struggle with Evil when it really is His own fault we are all in the horrible mess ever since time immemorial? Or, if the outlook for us humans is that terrible, which it is if you ask me, then why not get it over with and have our world destroyed and save us and our children a whole lot of agony and suffering? Indeed, as the rather bulky and bloody resume of the world may testify, our ‘human’ history is more of a cruel Theater of Suffering and Agony than a compassionate cradle of divine civilization.

Is God the Ultimate Sadist or is he simply unable to intervene directly (in a world created by Lucifer)?

At this time, this is the main question I have after reading this book. But coming on this site I noticed that you guys adhere to a more evolutionary ontological interpretation. This seems to be a contrasting viewpoint with the message of the Secret Book of John, which seems to offer an ontology more consistent with the tenets of creationism. One may even say that the Secret Book of John is a revised yet extended version of the Biblical book of Genesis. As I already indicated, it does raise doubts regarding questions of God’s presumed omniscience and omnipotence however.

As such, how do you consider these teachings of John that supposedly came from Jesus himself? Can the two viewpoints be reconciled in any way? If so, how do you interpret the seeming incompetence of God? If not, do you think there is any merit to the revelations stated in the Secret Book of John? If you think there is no merit, then why does He let us simmer in this perpetual Hell called Earth and why doesn’t He intervene if he is truly Almighty as well as Almightily Compassionate?

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