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October 10, 2008

BANGKOK – Police throw bombs into a 30,000 strong crowd!

BANGKOK – Police throw bombs into a 30,000 strong crowd!

Posted by HB11 on October 9, 2008


As we watch the result of our western banking system of credit bring us to our kness, one must wonder what the motivation behind the behaviour of the thai police was yesterday when they hurled grenades into a 30,000 crowd strong crowd, in theory to assist in dispersing them.

The PAD are an alliance of patriotic thais, generally at the end of their tether with the corrupt politians that have raped this rich country for so long. For all english ATS users, please take note that the ex owner of Manchester City FC is seeking exile in the UK right now, and still calling the shots to his proxy government. The protesters have occupied the grounds of the parliament house for weeks in an effort to draw attention to the crimes of this man. Although banking systems are different here, the big money is held within a wealthy few, and this man fled recently as he realised he could not buy his way out of jail. It is a sad state of affairs. Put pressure on your MP to deny him safe haven. He was democratically elected, and removed by a coup military as it became apparent that he was doing what Bush abd Cheney and posse are doing in the US. Lining his pockets with no regard fot his people or the consequences. Please look at these photos from around the parliament house over the last few days. They are disturbing as we see police act in such an irresponsible manor towards what was generally a cross section of thais gathered peacefully.
Another example of NWO style tactics. Security forces used against the people for the benefit of a few corrupt people who do not represent the best wishes of the prolateriat.
If there are any ATS users in Thailand right now please U2U me.






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