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November 27, 2009

Appendix C: The Relationship between the Roman Church and National Socialism (1of2)


Unmasking the Roman Catholic “Our Lady of Fatima”
Table of Contents
The Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, NY
Taking Pictures and Praying against Jezebel inside the Shrine
What is “Our Lady of Fatima”?
Competing with Christ, Conflict with Scripture
Mariology, Catholic Mary Apologetics
What Being does Our Lady of Fatima Represent?
Our Lady of Fatima, Usurper and Deceiver
Addressing the Historical Context of “Our Lady of Fatima”
Nazism and Communism, Raised by the Vatican
The Vatican’s Undying Fetish for Socialism
A: The Messages of “Our Lady of Fatima”
B: The Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism (1of3)
The Jesuits Perfected Communism in the Paraguayan “Reductions” of the 17th and 18th Century
Jesuits and the Russian Revolution
B: The Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism (2of3)
Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin, Jesuit Creation and Jesuit Tool
Cuban Communist Dictator Fidel Castro, Trained by Jesuits
B: The Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism (3of3)
The Second Vatican Council
The Pact of Metz
Liberation Theology
Adolfo Nicholas and Liberation Theology
Catholic Vindication of Marx
Making Sense of the Schizophrenic Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism
C: The Relationship between the Roman Church and National Socialism (1of2)
On the Kinship between the Catholic Church and Adolf Hitler
The Concordat with Nazi Germany
The Jesuit Hand in Nazi Germany
C: The Relationship between the Roman Church and National Socialism (2of2)
Father Staempfle Secretly Writes Mein Kampf
Jesuit Control of Nazi Leadership through Education
Jesuit-trained Joseph Goebbels
High Ranking Nazi Members of the Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

Nazi Celebration for Catholic Bishop Konrad Praysing

Germany must become the sword of the Catholic Church.” – Kaiser Wilhelm II quoting Pope Leo XIII, Leo Lehmann’s – Behind the Dictators p22

“Thus the Catholic Church is more secure than ever. […] she will remain as a beacon light.” – Adolf Hitler, Leo Lehmann’s – Behind the Dictators, p26.

“The Third Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but puts into practice, the high principles of the Papacy.” — Avro Manhattan quoting Vice Chancellor Von Papen, Bill Hugh’s – Secret Terrorists, chapter 7

“The national-socialist Commandments and those of the Catholic Church have the same aim.” Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits (p 164)

“I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.” – Adolf Hitler, John Toland “Adolf Hitler” p.507

Practically every right-wing dictator of the period had been born and brought up a Catholic – notably Hitler, Franco, Petain, Mussolini, Pavelic, and Tiso (who was a Catholic priest).”John Cornwell – Hitler’s Pope (1999; p. 280)

On the Kinship between the Catholic Church and Adolf Hitler

This appendix serves to present evidence showing the link between the Papacy and Nazi Germany. Although the Roman Church used to be more overt about its collaboration with the Nazis, today it is of course a no no to be associated in any promotional way with an empire as despicable and sinister as Nazi Germany. However the available evidence leaves little room for controversy. For example, the existence of a concordat closed between Nazi Germany and the Papacy (the Reichskonkordat) cannot be refuted.

“The hegemony of Protestant Prussia had to be prevented and as the Reich was to dominate Europe—to avert the Germans’ federalism—a Reich had to be reconstituted in which the Catholics would be mastersEdmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits
“Thus the Catholic Church is more secure than ever. It can be predicted that, as passing phenomena vanish away, she will remain as a beacon light amid these vanishing elements, attracting blind adherents in ever-increasing numbers.” Adolf Hitler quoted in Leo Lehmann’s – Behind the Dictators, p26.

“It was of interest to me that the Pope said to me on this occasion that Germany must become the sword of the Catholic Church. I remarked that the old Roman Empire of the German nation no longer existed, and that conditions had changed. But he stuck to his words.” Kaiser Wilhelm II on Pope Leo XIII, quoted in Leo Lehmann’s – Behind the Dictators p22

Another well informed person, the mainspring of the pact between the Holy See and Berlin and the pope’s secret chamberlain, Franz von Papen, was even more explicit: “The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy”. Robert d’Harcourt of the French Academy: “Franz von Papen, l’homme a tout faire” L’Aube, 3rd of October 1946) Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits

But let us see, first, how an especially “authorised” personality, Franco, Knight of the Order of Christ, expressly confirmed the collusion between the Vatican and the nazis. According to “Reforme”, this is what the press of the Spanish dictator (Franco) published on the 3rd of May 1945, the day of Hitler’s death:

Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory”

“Reforme”, 21st of July 1945; Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits


In the February 29, 1929 edition of the Völkischer Beobachter (official newspaper of the Nazi Party), Adolf Hitler published an article on the new Lateran Treaty between Mussolini’s fascist government and the Vatican. According to Hitler, this treaty should demonstrate to the world that not only are fascism and Christianity not polar opposites, but that they are in fact close kin which should be working together:

“The fact that the Curia is now making its peace with Fascism shows that the Vatican trusts the new political realities far more than did the former liberal democracy with which it could not come to terms.

The fact that the Catholic Church has come to an agreement with Fascist Italy …proves beyond doubt that the Fascist world of ideas is closer to Christianity than those of Jewish liberalism or even atheistic Marxism, to which the so-called Catholic Center Party sees itself so closely bound, to the detriment of Christianity today and our German people.”

[…] During the same speech, Hitler further criticizes Germany’s Catholic Center Party for maintaining its support for democracy:

“By trying to preach that democracy is still in the best interests of German Catholics, the Center Party …is placing itself in stark contradiction to the spirit of the treaty signed today by the Holy See.”


For their part, the best theological pens were busy demonstrating the similarity between the Catholic and Nazi doctrines. And, for that work, the sons of Loyola were the busiest. As an example, let us see how Michaele Schmaus, Jesuit theologian, presented to the public a series of studies on this subject:

“Empire and Church” is a series of writings which should help the building up of the Third Reich as it unites a national-socialist state to Catholic-christianity… The national-socialist movement is the most vigorous and massive protest against the spirit of the 19th and 20th centuries… A compromise between the Catholic faith and liberal thinking is impossible… Nothing is more contrary to Catholicism than democracy…

The reawakened meaning of “strict authority” opens up again the way to the real interpretation of ecclesiastical authority… The mistrust of liberty is founded on the Catholic doctrine of original sin… The national-socialist Commandments and those of the Catholic Church have the same aim…”

“Begegnungen zwichen Katholischen Christentum und nazional-sozialitischer Weltanchaunung”, by Michaele Schmaus, professor at the Faculty of Theology of Munich. (Aschendorf, Munster 1933).Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits

“Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and most members of the party’s “old guard” were Catholics”, wrote M. Frederic Hoffet. “It was not by accident that, because of its chiefs’ religion, the National-socialist government was the most Catholic Germany ever had… This kinship between National-socialism and Catholicism is most striking if we study closely the propaganda methods and the interior organisation of the party. On that subject, nothing is more instructive than Joseph Goebbel’s works. He had been brought up in a Jesuit college and was a seminarist before devoting himself to literature and politics…
Every page, every line of his writings recall the teaching of his masters; so he stresses obedience… the contempt for truth… “Some lies are as useful as bread!” he proclaimed by virtue of a moral relativism extracted from Ignatius of Loyola’s writings…” Frederic Hoffet: “L’lmperialisme protestant” (Flammarion, Paris 1948, pp.172 ss.)Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits

A Cardinal marches with the German Nazis (Source: A Moral Reckoning: The Role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust and Its Unfulfilled Duty of Repair by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.) There is a dispute as to whether the high-ranking Catholic clergyman marching between rows of SA men at a Nazi rally in Munich, pictured above, is Munich’s Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber or papal nuncio Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo.

Nazi-Fascism is but the outcome of events in which the Catholic Church has played a decisive role for centuries. He says that National Socialism is the “fulfilment of destiny,” and goes on to say:

“It was born originally out of the most profound tendencies of the epoch, of which it is the crowning act. Undoubtedly, we now have the right to speak of an essential transformation, of the birth of a veritable new era, the accomplishments of which will remain, A new epoch has opened which will serve religion and the Church, and which will be extraordinarily well armed to carry on the fight against atheism.

This, and much more, is quoted by Bishop Hudal to prove the fundamental identity of the aims and purposes of Catholicism and Nazi-Socialism. The Catholic bishops in the United States cannot afford to be as frank in supporting Nazi-Fascist ideology in this country. They cannot but admit, however, that their fellow-bishops in Nazi-Fascist countries have been correct in their analysis of the benefits which this anti-liberal and anti-democratic ideology will bring to the organization of Roman Catholicism.

Leo Lehmann – Behind the Dictators p34-35. (1942)

The Jesuits had preached their Crusade for over fifty years. Their chosen vessel was now the master of the Third Reich. Imbibed with hatred for Jews, Prussian Lutherans, English Anglicans, Dutch Reformed and Slavic Orthodox peoples, the Papal Crusade would begin in 1939. Under the banner of the sauvastika (used by Freemasonic Kipling on title pages of his works, its right-handed “crampons” denoting the autumnal sun), “Operation Barbarossa” (named after the German Emperor leading the Pope’s Third Crusade) would be unleashed against Rome’s hated rival, the Slavic Orthodox Peoples. Like Frederick I, Hitler would in fact be the Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany and King of Italy. That Crusade against the Orthodox would be commenced from two fronts: Hitler would be the “hammer,” aided by Islam, and Stalin would be the “sickle,” aided by the Jesuitruled, pro-communist US and UK. When finished the Crusader would turn on Germany fulfilling his purpose of destroying apostate Protestant Prussia! The Burden of Guilt: A Short History of Germany, 1914-1945, Hannah Yogt, (New York: Oxford University Press, 1964). (taken from Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins III, page 1008)

Their first main effort was to employ Black Pope Vladimir (Wlodimir) Ledochowski’s strategy of bringing the Catholic nations of central and eastern Europe together into a pan-German federation. To head the federation, Ledochowski required a charismatic leader charged with subduing the communistic Soviet Union on the east, Protestant Prussia, Protestant Great Britain, and republican France on the west, Ledochowski chose the Catholic militarist Adolph Hitler, who told Bishop Bernind of Osnabruch in 1936 that

There was [no] fundamental difference between National Socialism and the Catholic Church. Had not the church, he argued, looked upon Jews as parasites and shut them into ghettos? “I am only doing,” he boasted, “what the church has done for fifteen hundred years, only more effectively.” Hitler’s Pope – The Secret History of Pius XII, by John Cornwell.


Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican at a formal ceremony in Rome on 20 July 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle, and the Rudolf Buttmann sits at the right. The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and the Nazi government to the eyes of Catholicism, Christianity, and the world.

The Concordat with Nazi Germany

What is a Concordat?

In general, a concordat means an agreement, or union of wills, on some matter. […] A concordat is a law, ecclesiastical and civil, made for a certain country in regard to matters which in some way concern both Church and State, a law, moreover, possessing the force of a treaty entered into by both the ecclesiastical and civil power and to a certain extent binding upon both. […] The purpose of a concordat is to terminate, or to avert, dissension between the Church and the civil powers. New Advent (Online Catholic Encyclopedia)

In 1933, Nazi Germany agreed to sign into law its Reichskonkordat with the Papacy:

Mr. Joseph Rovan, Catholic writer, comments on the diplomatic agreement between the Vatican and the nazi Reich on the 8th of July 1933:

“The Concordat brought to the national-socialist government, considered nearly everywhere to be made up of usurpers, if not brigands, the seal of an agreement with the oldest international power (the Vatican). In a way, it was the equivalent of a diploma of international honorability“.

(Le catholicisme politique en Allemagne, Paris 1956, p.231, Ed. du Seuil).
Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits

Front page of the Nazi publication, Der Stuermer. Contrary to Pope John Paul II’s remarks when he spoke at Yad Vashem, the Nazis were not “Godless.” This headline from the infamously antisemitic Nazi periodical, Der Stuermer, reads, “Declaration of the Higher Clergy. So spoke Jesus Christ: You hypocrites who do not see the beam in your own eyes.” (from Matthew 7:3-5) The cartoon depicts a group of Hitler Youth. The caption reads, “We youth step happily forward facing the sun... With our faith we drive the devil from the land.” The devil in question was, of course, the Jews. (emperors-clothes.com)

When you see a cross..." Above is a page from the Nazi children's book, Der Giftpilz (The Poisonous Mushroom). The caption reads, "When you see a cross, remember the gruesome murder of the Jews on Golgotha..." (emperors-clothes.com)

The Reichskonkordat effectively removed the Catholic Church from any continued role of opposition to Hitler. More than that, as Hitler told his cabinet on July 14, it established a context that would be ‘especially significant in the urgent struggle against international Jewry.’ The deep well of Catholic antisemitism would be tapped, to run as freely as any stream of hate in Germany. The positive side of the long-standing ambivalence, which had again and again been the source of impulses to protect Jews, would now be eliminated, allowing the negative side to metastasize.” emperors-clothes.com
“The German Catholic Church has rescinded its ban on joining the Nazi Party. The Catholic Centre party has dissolved itself. [And Articles 31 and 32 prevent any revival of this democratic Catholic party which had opposed the Nazis.] In the Reichskonkordat, the Vatican has promised that German Bishops and their subordinates will be obedient to and honour the Nazi state (Article 16). It has promised that German Catholic educators will teach children patriotic love for the Nazi state (Article 21). It has requested and received the Nazi dictatorship’s promise to enforce internal Church decisions (Article 10). Cardinal Bertram of Breslau has called on Catholics to avoid all subversive or illegal (by Nazi definition) activities.
“How should you respond to the Nazi’s new nightmare state? Doesn’t the Catholic Church teach you to view Church officials as exemplary? Shouldn’t they be emulated? Isn’t the Pope’s word law, and didn’t the Pope sign the Reichskonkordat, an agreement with the Nazi dictatorship, that [in Article 16 contains this pledge for new bishops]:

‘In the performance of my spiritual office and in my solicitude for the welfare and the interests of the German Reich, I will endeavour to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it.’ “


Michael Cardinal Von Faulhaber

Cardinal Faulhaber, who helped negotiate the concordat with Hitler (and who ordained the present pope), assessed its international impact in a 1937 sermon:

“At a time when the heads of the major nations in the world faced the new Germany with cool reserve and considerable suspicion, the Catholic Church, the greatest moral power on earth, through the Concordat expressed its confidence in the new German government.

– Guenter Lewy, The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany concordatwatch.eu


Fritz Hirschberger, a Holocaust surivivor, painted a Nazi officer and a faceless Cardinal (Pacelli) standing on the body of a Jewish prisoner. He titled it "The Concordat".

The following articles of the Reichskonkordat are of special relevance:

Article 5

In the exercise of their clerical activities the clergy enjoy the protection of the state in the same way as state officials. The state will proceed, in accordance with the general provisions of civil law, against any insult to their person or to their clerical capacity, as well as against any interference with the duties of their office and, if necessary, will provide official protection.concordatwatch.eu

Article 16

Before bishops take possession of their dioceses they are to take an oath of loyalty either to the Reich governor of the state (Land) concerned or to the President of the Reich respectively, according to the following formula:

“Before God and on the Holy Gospels I swear and promise, as becomes a bishop, loyalty to the German Reich and to the State (Land) of . . . I swear and promise to honour the legally constituted government and to cause the clergy of my diocese to honour it. With dutiful concern for the welfare and the interests of the German state, in the performance of the ecclesiastical office entrusted to me, I will endeavor to prevent everything injurious which might threaten it.concordatwatch.eu

In anticipation of a possible war Germany may become involved in:

Article 27

For the German army pastoral care outside the realm of ordinary jurisdiction is conceded for its Catholic officers, officials and men, as well as for their families.

The administration of such pastoral care for the army is the duty of the army bishop. His Church appointment is to be made by the Holy See after contact has been made with the Reich Government in order, with its agreement, to select a suitable person.
The Church appointment of military chaplains and other military clergy will be made by the army bishop after prior consultation with the appropriate authorities of the Reich. He may appoint only such chaplains as receive permission from their diocesan bishop to undertake military pastoral work, together with a certificate of suitability. Military chaplains have the rights of parish priests with regard to the troops and other army personnel assigned to them.
Detailed regulations for the organisation of pastoral work by chaplains will be supplied by an Apostolic Brief. Regulations for the legal aspects in terms of officials will be drawn up by the Reich Government.

And then we have the less known Secret Supplement belonging to the articles:

Secret Supplement

In case of a change in the present German armed forces in the sense of the introduction of universal conscription, the induction of priests and other members of the regular clergy and the orders into military service will, with the understanding of the Holy See, be arranged within the framework of approximately the following guiding ideas:

a) Students of philosophy and theology at Church institutions who are preparing themselves for the priesthood are to be freed from military service and the preparatory drills for it, except in the case of a general mobilisation.
b) In the case of a general mobilization clerics who are employed in the diocese administration or the military chaplaincy are freed from reporting for duty. This applies to ordinaries, members of the ordinariate, provosts of seminaries and Church residences for seminarians, professors at the seminaries, parish priests, curates, rectors, coadjucators and the clerics who provide a church with worship services on a continuing basis.
c) The remaining clerics, insofar as they are considered suitable, are to join the armed forces of the state in order to devote themselves to pastoral care for the troops under the Church jurisdiction of the military bishops, if they are not inducted into the medical unit.
d) The remaining clergy in sacris or members of orders, who are not yet priests are to be assigned to the medical unit. The same shall apply when possible to the candidates for the priesthood mentioned in a) who have not yet taken their final vows.

Note that this Secret Supplement together with Article 27, seems to be counter to the restrictions imposed by the Versailles Treaty on Germany. It can be rightfully deduced that the people responsible for drafting up the Reichkonkordat were anticipating Germany to become embroiled in a new future war.

Fra. Bernhard Vaughan, S.J.

Hermann Rauschning

“Exterminate the [German Lutheran] Hun rats!” {6} Bernard Vaughan, 1915; English Jesuit; Advisor to King George V; Advisor to President Theodore Roosevelt; Advisor to President William H. Taft; Advisor to James Cardinal Gibbons; quoted in Eric Jon Phelps’ – Vatican Assassins III (page 1015)

‘I learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order, Hitler told me. ‘So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own party...” Hermann Rauschning quoting Hitler, Edmond Paris – The Vatican Against Europe (p 252-253)

Himmler, head of the occult SS elite troops

Heinrich Himmler - Reichsführer-SS

The Jesuit Hand in Nazi Germany


“[SS General Heinrich] Himmler owned an extremely large and excellent library on the Jesuit Order and for years would sit up late studying the extensive literature. Thus he built up the SS organization according to the principles of the Jesuits. The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola served as the foundation; the supreme law was absolute obedience, the execution of any order whatsoever without question. Himmler himself, as Reichsfuhrer of the SS, was the general of the order. The structure of leadership was borrowed from the hierarchical order of the Catholic Church. He took over a medieval castle, the so-called Wevelsburg at Paderborn in [Roman Catholic] Westphalia, and had it repaired so that it might serve as a kind of ‘SS monastery’ [as all monasteries are merely military fortresses]. Here the general of the order would hold a secret consistory once a year attended by the top leadership of the order. They would take part in spiritual exercises and practice sessions in concentration [as does every professed Jesuit, while led by a guide, studies The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola once a year for thirty days, much of the time spent in silence and “meditation”]. In the large meeting hall each member had his particular chair with his name engraved on a silver plaque. No doubt these mystical leanings of [Bavarian-born] Himmler go back in part to his attitude toward the Catholic Church, which might be called ‘love-hate;’ and in part to his strict upbringing by his [Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor] father with its stern Catholic code of conduct, from which he fled into . . . [Loyola’s] romanticism . . .” {27} [Emphasis added] Walter Schellenberg, 1950 SS/SD Nazi General The Labyrinth: Memoirs of Walter Schellenberg Eric Jon Phelps – Vatican Assassins III (page 1037)

Herman Rauschning7 tells us:

‘I learnt most of all from the Jesuit Order‘, Hitler told me. ‘So far, there has been nothing more imposing on earth than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. A good part of that organization I have transported direct to my own party. . . . The Catholic Church must be held up as an example. … I will tell you a secret. I am founding an Order’.”

After the war this secret imparted by the Fuhrer was enlarged upon by the revelations of Walter Schellenberg8 who had been Chief of the German counter-espionage and Leader of the National Socialist Government of Danzig:
The SS had been organized by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. The rules of service and spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius de Loyola constituted a model which Himmler strove carefully to copy. Absolute obedience was the supreme rule; every order had to be executed without comment.”Edmond Paris – The Vatican Against Europe (p 252-253)
Hitler did not award the palm of Jesuitism to his chief of propaganda, though to the Gestapo’s chief, as he told his favourites: “I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola”Adolf Hitler: “Libres propos” (Flammarion, Paris 1952, p.164) Edmond Paris – The Secret History of the Jesuits

The conversion of Russia, which Rome had hoped to achieve through the Bolshevik Revolution, was now attempted through the use of a foreign army.

“Count Halke von Ledochowski, Jesuit General, was disposed to organize, on the common basis of anti-communism, a certain degree of collaboration between the German Secret Service and the Jesuit Order

“Von Ledochowski considered the forthcoming bellicose settling of accounts between Russia and Germany as inevitable… And the Baseler Nachrichten (March 27, 1942) did not hesitate to write: ‘One of the questions arising from German activity in Russia which is of supreme importance to the Vatican, is the question of the evangelisation of Russia.’

“This is confirmed by Father Duclos himself in a book covered by the Imprimatur -‘During the summer of 1941, Hitler appealed to all Christian forces… (he) authorized Catholic missionaries to go to the new eastern territories

“Nor has it been forgotten that, in France, Cardinal Baudrillart and Mgr. Mayol de Luppe recruited the L.V.F. for the crusade against Russia.’ “

Sidney Hunter – Is Alberto for Real?

From the same book we read:

From The Hitler Phenomenon, page 11:

“Who were the principal Nazi murderers? Himmler, head of the Gestapo; Heydrich, his right-hand man; Kaltenbrunner, who succeeded Heydrich; Mueller and Frank, all Roman Catholics by birth and upbringing.

Hoess, the Commandant of the infamous Auschwitz, was also a Roman Catholic. The first concentration camp was set up by Himmler at Dachau, Munich.

Heinrich Himmler had an uncle who was a Jesuit priest. This Jesuit-Himmler director? – was arrested at the end of the war but he was not tried. He was found dead one morning in his cell. Himmler, like Goering, cheated the gallows by suicide, or so it was believed.”

Sidney Hunter – Is Alberto for Real?

To include the Jesuits in this list of groups which influenced the Nazis, will be controversial to some and perhaps even outrage a few. The Jesuits however were greatly influential on the Nazis, whether by design or not, or whether in complicity or not. Hitler had at least one renowned Jesuit among his closest advisors. Himmler greatly admired Jesuit Order, and both believed that the organization and system of the Jesuit order were to be emulated in the Nazi Party. The Order was founded on September 27, 1540 as the “Society of Jesus” and sanctioned by Pope Paul III in the Bull Regimini militantis ecclesiae Ignatius of Loyola greatly influenced the church training an elite corp of highly educated priests who were additionally trained in spiritual exercises. (see Basic Jesuit Spiritual Exercises.) They have had a rocky history even within the Catholic Church, and many were kicked out the the fledgling American Colonies, and the order in the 1700s was shut down by the Papacy fearing division and overthrow. The Restored Jesuit Order had re-established itself by the 1800s. Himmler had been raised around Jesuits and he admired their philosophies and orders though by the time he reached power, one could hardly have called him a believing Catholic. Still, he found merit in the Order and based some SS training on the principles of the group, which in the extreme included altered states of consciousness and meditations including ‘mind-over-matter’. There were Jesuits advising Hitler and Jesuits imprisoned in the Lagers, but the relationship to Nazi Philosophies appears to be be in methodology and process more than anything. The Jesuits had taken many ideas from the ancient Knight Templars, and adapted them, not unlike what Himmler sought to do for the Nazis. Most central was the idea of a Messianic figure, the fuhrer surrounded by an elite corp. Von Papen was once quoted as saying that Hitler put the organization of the Catholic Church to work for him: Himmler narrowed it to the Jesuits. shoaheducation.com
That Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski through his Jesuit emissaries did instruct Adolf Hitler in 1929 to reform a section of the Sturmabteilung (SA) also known as Storm Troopers into Schutzstaffeln also known as the “SS”. That unlike the SA that was staffed by variously skilled persons, the Jesuits instructed Hitler that the SS was to be a most secret organization of personal bodyguards and elite, staffed with and controlled by actual Jesuit priests. That SS officers would be conferred by the authority of the Jesuits and the power of the Pope with the powers of Catholic priesthood. Furthermore, that the SS priests were to be embedded across the organisation to ensure strict control and prevent dissention. That in exchange, the Jesuits did agree to personally fund its implementation as well as introduce its substantial business funds and industry interests into Germany. That on January 6, 1929 Adolf Hitler appointed Heinrich Himmler to oversee the project. one-faith-of-god.org
“Hitler spoke of Heinrich Himmler, commander-in-chief of the SS, as ‘my Ignatius Loyola’….In many respects, the SS was indeed modeled on the Jesuits, and made deliberate use of Jesuit techniques in such spheres as psychological conditioning and education. But the Jesuits themselves had derived much of their structure and organization from the still older military-religious-chivalric orders like the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights (Deutschritter).” – Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy itwasjohnson.impiousdigest.com

Continued with Part 2

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