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August 31, 2008

4. Rise Of The Spirit Mind And The Rise Of The New World Order, Dealing with the pending clash

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It would seem to me that the practice of trying to bring to expression the genuine spirit mind (human = hum + manas = spirit + mind) in the aspiring human and the pending reality of the establishment of the tyrannical absolutist New World Order are two head-on conflicting societal currents.

While the former current tries to liberate the genuine human the latter shows a contrasting ominous future scenario in which almost all intellectual animals will be totally stripped from all liberties and, through the mandatory introduction of brainchips and implementation of a cashless society, will be transformed into mere servants (“workerbees”) of the ruling class (“hivequeen”).

It would therefore seem that if the NWO becomes a reality, all hope of reuniting with God, simply vaporizes since we will be completely bound up in electronic and financial chains with no free will whatsoever.

How do we deal with this depressing future scenario?

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