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April 20, 2009

Moziah Frees her Cousin Tina from Demonic Possession (Part 2of2)

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PART 2of2

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How Tina obtained a personal relationship with God

Tina says that she managed to acquire a personal relationship with God by sheer faith. She emphasized that she by no means is exceptional and that, in general, anyone who is truly seeking God is given the opportunity to be able to gain that spiritual and guiding connection with God. All three of us agree that the human individual is basically a product of two conflicting components; The animalistic aspect, or the ego, versus the divine aspect, or the fruit of the Christ consciousness or God’s presence within us. In this day and age of the reigning materialistic world, the ego sadly dominates over – and blots out our divine aspect.

Restoring Divine Unity by killing the ego

Moziah states that the only way we can be a perfect reflection of God is to not be divided among ourselves, a result of our belligerent egos. I comment that this divisiveness is really demented as it amounts to one big in-fight with one’s own cardinal spiritual being as our true selves are all conjoined aspects of the same parental being, namely God. It goes to show that the ego works against God and therefore cannot be anything other than a product of the archenemy of humanity: Lucifer. The function of the ego in making inimical distinction between one human being and the other lies at the heart of the phenomenon of competition, alienation, conflict etc.. It’s a sad fact of modern day life that competition also forms the backbone of traditional education and upbringing. To alleviate all the needless suffering caused by competition one has to realize, through inner work, that we are indeed all one. As such the great obstacle to once again restore true Divine Unity, its great obstacle, the ego, needs to be killed by necessity.

How do you live your life for God?

Tina expands on the notion that the answer lies with living your life for other people but in order to successfully do so this cannot be before you first get your own “house” in order lest the “work you’re doing will be unwoven as you’re doing it.” Therefore, living one’s life for God means living for the glory of God and for yourself. Nonetheless, Moziah adds to not “stop helping other people in the interim of doing inner work,”  meaning that, if your ego hasn’t been killed yet then this cannot be upheld as an excuse to not go out and help other people.

As an virtuous example, Moziah explains the effect that Tina’s spiritual awakening has had on her family. Tina prayed to God to help her demonically besieged family. While putting no human effort in fulfilling this wish herself, Tina’s family members now come to her on their own volition for spiritual advice. Before her awakening this would’ve been a sheer impossibility since Tina was regarded in the family as the drug addict, the black sheep. Contrastingly, after the first time Tina was set free she tried to free the rest of her family by going at it “like a crusader;”an ego-sponsored strategy that sadly but expectantly backfired, yielding only frustration.

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Tina’s remarkable transformation

It’s a remarkable feat, the level of transformation Tina went through in a time-span of only 5.5 weeks, who the day before she hopped on the bus taking her to Moziah was doing an excessive amounts of drugs, consisting of cocktails that included ample doses of XTC, Xanax and Vicodin. By the Grace of God, ever since she arrived with Moziah she has experienced zero withdrawal symptoms. On top of that, Tina was fighting Bulimia for the previous eight months, and now confidently says that she’s “no longer Bulimic.”

Be humble before God

I ask Tina, how to get a personal relationship with God or how do you pray to God in such a way that he really becomes your friend. Tina replies by saying that one must be sure to be humble and “going to him with everything.” She says that if you really want to know the Father and you really want to seek him then “he will show himself to you.” She says that there is no particular prayer one needs to say. Tina tries to explain that the words spoken through her at certain times are the words of God rather than originating in her ‘normal’ self. She maintains that if God talks to you, “you’ll know that it’s Him and He’ll direct things towards you and towards the question that you’re asking or towards what you are seeking.” Moziah expands on this notion. She says that anyone who seeks the pure essence of who he/she is, in contrast to enhance functions of the ego, will find. She says that healings we need, come and peace that we didn’t have is just there as is joy beyond our comprehension and beyond measure.

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The Holy Spirit coming to the rescue

Although she now “walks with the Lord”, there are still times where she doesn’t quite recognize this yet. She proceeds to share an anecdote to show that this is indeed the case. At one time during her stay, Moziah asked her to make a sandwich for Moziah’s son, Elijah, as she herself was too busy doing other stuff. Tina then went on to protest on the basis that when she was little she had to do all of those things herself and therefore expects that Elijah could and should do so himself too, without Tina’s help. Not long after, contrasting an erstwhile overall serene and calm homily atmosphere, Tina starts ranting and raving to Moziah vehemently defending her position. Elijah is quick to wisely toss the proverbial towel in the ring and tries to calm Tina down by saying that he’ll make the sandwich himself. Now Tina is left thinking that everyone is mad at her while in actual fact no-one is and the anger being only confined to her own mind.

While she’s alone in the garage anxiously smoking a cigarette she hears the voice of God telling her that she needs “to do inner work.” Tina is quite reluctant however, to take His advice on board and in a state of obstinacy the Holy Spirit comes upon her “as she never felt before” and gently whispers inside of her the simple but true words: “you’re jealous.” This time these words do hit home though. The reason why Tina was jealous is that when she was a child she didn’t enjoy all the good things that Moziah’s children do have and thus didn’t approve of them having what she missed out on earlier in her life. Tina’s behavior is a manifestation of her ego, which likes to project its experienced sufferings and deficits onto other people’s egos; or rephrased: jealousy is expressed through intolerance. A rather elaborate post-analysis follows in which we expand on the virtue of doing inner work and the vice of jealousy, a product of the ego.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

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Crucifying the flesh daily

Responding to Tina’s assertion that it was Satan who brought her into a fit of jealousy, I remark that the ego as agent of jealousy is part of yourself but that it is but an inferior reflection, or false representation, of yourself that can be overcome. Tina adds that indeed the ego “needs to be uprooted” in order to bring out the Christ consciousness that is in you. Moziah adds that this procedure is part of crucifying the flesh, in which we take up the cross, follow him and do that inner work when we see something that is not like Christ. We crucify it, a process that stands for the killing of the ego, something that is also extremely difficult as the ego throws in an arsenal of defenses trying to prevent its demise (these are what Freud probably would call ego-defense mechanisms).

The killing of the ego

The story of Christ being crucified and resurrected strikes me as being metaphorical (or mystical) in meaning and value, Moziah agrees but is quick to add that Christ also really did exist and underwent the kind of spiritual transmutation that we are to emulate also if we are to overcome the kind of spiritual bondage to Lucifer we are subjected to. Moziah explains that the crucifixion of Christ is symbolic of the act of killing the I – the ego – the flesh, so as to enable the manifestation of the superior Christ consciousness.  Therefore your own ego is paradoxically, also your biggest enemy in that it works hard to try to subdue your inner Christ consciousness from emerging.

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The Holy Trinity within us

The Holy Spirit, the Divine motherly teacher that resides within us, teaches us to be Christ-like, as Tina experienced the Holy Spirit whispering to her that it was jealousy that propelled her to cause a ruckus over a mere sandwich. Tina adds that she now enjoys the parentage of a father, one who is always by her side and who doesn’t get drunk or is too passed out to mean anything to her, and a mother, the Holy Spirit who is always ready to teach and assist her. Together with Jesus as her “lover” (brother?) she now realizes she does have a family, and a purely non-dysfunctional one at that, that was always there within her but one that she “never knew.”

From black sheep to beacon of light

I astound at the profoundness of the transformation that Tina underwent from being the family black sheep, drug addict and who no-one is her family took seriously, to a spiritual force to be reckoned with in a matter of just 3,5 weeks. Tina attributes this transformation to God, something that I agree with but at the time of writing it occurred to me that Moziah deserves credit too in that she served as His instrument by helping to facilitate realizing that change.

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Happiness versus joy

Can material wealth bring about true happiness? Moziah answers in the affirmative but is quick to point out that people who are wealthy and happy are “disappointed because they had a higher expectation” [of life]. She states that the word happiness is derived from the Greek happen-stance, meaning that the elated emotional state that belongs to being happy is fleeting and based upon circumstance. Therefore when their circumstances change they no longer experience that euphoric emotional ecstasy whereas joy, as one of the fruits of the spirit, is different because joy is a very high ecstasy feeling that is not based on circumstance but rather is based on the in-dwelling presence of Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Moziah further elaborates on the meaning of joy and that joy truly “is what the world is seeking.”

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The futility of  social seclusion

I bring up the virtue of interacting with people while having the possibility of making mistakes and thus the incentive to do inner work. Moziah confirms this conception by bringing up Samuel Aun Weor who claimed that monks who live as hermits “cannot call themselves conquerors with Christ because they have nothing to conquer and therefore the ego stays there, full and robust – never confronted and always protected.” Living a hermetic life neglects the “crucifixion of the flesh,” a painful and long lasting procedure that is crucial to bring into prominence the Christ consciousness.

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Tina’s closing statement

“Whatever you’re seeking: happiness, joy, a family… you already have. It’s inside you. It’s God within us. Just continue to seek, seek with all of heart for God knows your heart. And if He knows your heart and He knows your desires, what can he not provide? So why do we search and seek in all of these other places when the Truth lies behind God himself.”

God Bless Tina, and God Bless Moziah…

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