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October 31, 2008

Protect Democracy by Exposing Obama’s Hypnotic Deception


Under Freud, there is the conscious mind that you think with, called the “ego.” You also have a conscience, called the “super-ego.” Then, there is the largest part of the psyche, the id, which is the back-end of all our memory, our most basic instincts and drives, emotions, and suppressed desires. “The unconscious mind is the source of our energy, and no amount of conscious reasoning can override it. The unconscious mind is un-critical, it accepts as absolute truth any idea that is allowed to enter its computer-like system” The messages of hypnosis, including mass hypnosis, can be far more powerful than just someone’s conscious thoughts, as it affects their most basic biological drives and instincts. That is why many of Obama’s followers are so passionate for him, why they are fainting in his presence, comparing him to Jesus, and supporting him like no other candidate before.


This blog serves as an research supplement to the document circulating on the web exposing the multitude of hypnotic strategies and techniques Barack Obama is using in his speeches. The document is called: AN EXAMINATION OF OBAMA’S USE OF HIDDEN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES IN HIS SPEECHES. It is also referred to in my previous blog on this subject. Although it is a very valuable and very important tool in understanding and exposing the “Cult of Obama” for what it really stands for, it was not always an easy task to get to access the references and source material cited in the document. The function of this little addendum blog is to help you to get to the evidence material quicker and more efficiently.

Dr. Horton, who has been working in the field of hypnosis and NLP for 25 years has called Obama’s methods clearly the use of hypnosis and effectively “Mind control.” The discussion on this radio program160 describes Obama’s use of the 48 Laws of Power, by Greene, a treatise on mass deception, total absence of emotion. Obama is often referred to as detached emotionally, and not just “cool” but in fact so detached as to be of concern to some people. Discussed is Obama’s ability to project people’s hopes and dreams onto him, and Obama’s use of hypnosis to get masses to view him as the vehicle to get whatever he wants through Obama’s vague “yes we can”, “change” and “we are the ones we have been waiting for” speeches.



On page 6, footnote 3, a work called The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, is mentioned. Although this work comes with a bulky collection of audio tapes, the 600+ page book can be downloaded here as a PDF.

The videos listed in footnote 29 on page 12, do not come up when I clicked on them but instead gave some format error-message. Copy and pasting works wonders though. You can access them here:

The videos listed in footnote 30 & 31, equal video 29.4 (the last in the previous list 🙂 ). A bit sloppy bookkeeping on the part of the author although redundancy is better than want in this matter.

At page 12, footnote 34, “THE RAPE OF THE MIND; The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D.” can also be read here.

Pavlov’s theory of psychology also says that propaganda can create mass hypnosis, and people can becomeconditioned to verbal or other symbols used in propaganda.  Such masses can lose their discretion and be easily influenced.37 [Page 13]

On page 13, footnote 37, a book by the name “The International Law of Propaganda” By Bhagevatula Satyanarayana Murty is referred to but it is left to the reader to dig it up somewhere. Fortunately it can be read from the web at Google-books, here.

Looking at “pacing” statements alone, Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech in Denver48 uses them throughout. Yet, nobody suspects these language patterns to be anything other than an innocent part of his powerful speech.

On page 16, footnote 48 we find the first Obama speech reference: Obama’s Denver 2008 Democratic Convention Speech, transcript here.

Denver 2008 Convention speech Obama

“a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Barack”’102 [Page 28]

On page 28, footnotes 102,103, the John McCain ad “The One” is addressed

The One

On page 30, footnote 107, the author, without giving an Internet reference, is referring to the speech to be found here. Transcript here.

Barack Obama Billings, Montana

Giving a speech about healthcare in Raleigh North Carolina, right as Obama mentions Bush and McCain, he slips a barely noticeable double handed gesture with two fingers (the same of each hand) pointing parallel, to suggest to you subconsciously that Bush and McCain are on parallel courses.108 [Page 30]

On page 30, footnote 108, the referred to speech can be watched here (transcript missing?):

Change that Works for You: Raleigh, NC

Obama performs an undeniable Ericksonian hypnotic induction: Obama’s “Turn the Page” Speech at the California Democratic Convention in 2007.114
[Page 32]

The “Turn the Page” speech the author writes about on pages 32-35, can be accessed here (transcript here):

Address to the 2007 California Democratic Convention

At pages 35-42, the author talks about this speech (transcript here):

Barack Obama in St. Paul, MN

On page 42, footnote 140, the author again talks about the “Turn the Page” speech also mentioned on pages 32-35 (transcript here):

Address to the 2007 California Democratic Convention

Obama’s Democratic Convention speech 2008 – A “play by play” of his undeniable and extensive anchoring, pacing, leading, and delivery of subconscious commands
[Page 43]

From page 43 to page 51, the author talks about this speech (transcript here):

Barack Obama Democratic Convention Speech 2008

Obama quoting “On November 4th… November 4th” is observable at time-stamp: 9m36s
The quote “it’s time for us to change America” is at time-stamp: 14m50s

Footnote 152 on page 51 refers to a speech of which the transcript can be accessed here.

Obama’s technique of head turned to the right side in interviews described by body language expert as one of the most powerful subconscious manipulation techniques possible by a
speaker’s body language.
[Page 52]

The ‘head-tilting’ video mentioned on page 52, footnote 153 is here:

Interview of Professor of Psychiatry on CNN in which Dr. comes close to hinting of her suspicion that Obama is using covert subconscious techniques throughout his campaign [Page 53]

Transcript of that interview accessible here.

On page 55, two speeches are mentioned.

Obama uses hypnotic command to dismiss the Rev Wright questions[Page 55]

The first, footnote 164, is an MSNBC interview, accessible here.

Obama’s speech on race March 18, 2008 Philadelphia – hypnotic storytelling throughout [Page 55]

The second speech, on race (not footnoted), with transcript here can be watched here:

Obama Speech: ‘A More Perfect Union’

On page 57, Obama’s logo is mentioned:


Obama’s hypnotic logo
Obama adds to this by giving a visual point of fixation – his logo.  No doubt that one intended meaning, of many, is that the circle is also an “O” for “O”bama.  By itself that is not all that significant.
Obama’s logo is highly hypnotic, because unlike any other logo in presidential history, you do not look at it, but through it.  One subconsciously looks though the circle to the light inside, like the light at the end of the tunnel, without consciously realizing it.  This visual point of focus is helpful in multiple ways to focus one’s attention, as well as to distract the critical factor.  Notice how it is always there on the podium – a small one in the middle, just enough for your conscious mind to miss, but for you to see subconsciously.
[Page 57]

Notice also the sun symbolism, something that also happened to be the thematic centerpiece of Nazism, where the Swastika represents a swirling sun. Observing the logo elicits a tranquility similar to watching a sunset in a very peaceful meadow like setting. Peering into a faraway distance, something which the logo encourages, has an immediate relaxing effect. It’s very soothing yet very mesmerizing and thus very manipulative if it serves an unknown politician with doubtful credentials and even more doubtful connections. The designers of the logo, like Obama’s speech-writers, knew exactly what they were doing.

On page 58, footnote 173, we hear of the Obama’s fake presidential seal. If it weren’t about such a delicate and important matter it would be downright laughable and dismissible as a spoof. When taken seriously, as it should, signs like these try to sell the viewer the idea that Obama as president is entirely normal. Unfortunately, misleading and subtly coercive gimmicks like these are all part of Obama’s hypnotic arsenal.

Obama’s use of a fake presidential seal

On page 59, the speech mentioned referred to a 24 September speech in Dunedin. I could find only small fragments though. Next is the largest part I could find:

Obama rally at Dunedin’s Knology Park

On page 62 + page 63, footnote 183:

Reverend James Manning’s video, likening him to other world leaders, in which he says
“Barack …has got you all in a trance”, “Paralyzed hypnotic people that follow Barack”
– essentially arguing that Obama with virtually no accomplishments has more support than JFK did, and more that Martin Luther King did, and that this is unnatural, and this should be a wake up call that something is not right.183
[Page 62,63]

Hail Hitler, Hail Obama

On page 63, footnote 184:

We know the “Obama phenomenon” is occurring, and that it is powerful. To many who see through it, it is quite creepy. Not only because his image does not match his complete lack of accomplishments, and complete failure to bring any real change in his 46 years. People who follow Obama with sparkles in their eyes try to bring you into what is a very intense and frightening cult-like following – a childish trance-like religious experience wherein you give up all resistance and submit to Obama love and it fulfills you completely. [Page 63]

Barack Obama – The Audacity Of Democracy – Teaser

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I am not a racist. So don’t go and try to impose racially based guilt-trips on me. It would be absurd to brush off any and all criticism on colored folk as necessarily being perpetrated by racists. This would make colored people impervious to criticism and thus perceptually infallible, if brought on by people of other races. Moreover, such antics truly would make society inherently paranoid and unjust. On closer thought, it would also necessarily make society inherently racist since the basis for people judging other people is skin color first and actions later.

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Protect Democracy by Exposing Obama’s Hypnotic Deception

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