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December 4, 2008

Sister Keri and Moziah – Fighting Evil on a Spiritual Level (1of2)

I am accompanied by two ladies in a Skype discussion/interview which is downloadable here or directly accessible here (thanks to Byron for upping it).

Sister Keri Burnor is a victim of clerical sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued. She became disillusioned with the Catholic Church and decided to break away entirely. Although her tormented background is also addressed in this interview, more information can be gleaned here and here. Also listen to Sister Keri’s previous interviews with Greg Szymanski, from 2007 and 2008.

Monique Armstrong, or “Moziah”, as her God-given name is, came to my attention this summer when she emerged as “Agent JJP”, the spiritual advisor to Leo Lyon Zagami; an Italian aristocrat and, among other things, Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis (1999) a European Illuminati Order. Moziah is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Jews and Christians and the International House of Prayer.

Both ladies prove to be extremely spiritual and represent a truly impressive bastion of spiritual wisdom and rare historic knowledge. Below is an overview of the many topics we discussed. To make the three hour long interview easier to navigate and quicker to reference, I added time-stamps (TS ..:..) with the announcement of a new topic. Due to size considerations, I’ve divided the post into two parts.

A recurring theme in the interview, and I hope to persevere this in possible follow-up interviews, is the issue of how to most effectively counteract the fruits of Darkness and Darkness itself.

NB. To do myself a favor, I use the ‘shorthand’ notation Keri and Mozi as shorthand abbreviations of Sister Keri Burnor and Monique “Moziah” Armstrong, respectively.

(TS 00:02:16) Battling the Vatican on a Physical vs. Spiritual Plane

Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

Keri recounts her battle with the Vatican in the ordinary physical plane by directly confronting it in a courtroom environment, especially in the function of assisting Christopher Strunk. She emphasizes though that she became physically exhausted exposing the crimes of the Vatican this way, “day in day out, trying to practically becoming an attorney.” Mozi steps in and remarks that any opposition brought against the Vatican is destined to fail as the legal system is defined such that it works in the favor of the Papacy. On properly facing the Vatican she maintains that “our weapons of warfare are not carnal but spiritual to the pulling down of (spiritually grounded) strongholds.”

(TS: 00:10:44)Genuine Faith Healing

Mozi tells how she and Keri were literally miraculously healed from their respective tenacious ailments. While Moziah was cured from her high blood-pressure, Keri was healed from Fibromyalgia (even though it is a chronic disease unknown to have a cure in the establishment of regular medicine). Both healings are complete and attributed to the actions of a genuine faith healer.

(TS 00:12:47)Leo’s Alliance with Lucifer

Mozi reveals that the six month magical ritual Leo went through in Italy in order for Lucifer to enter him was led by Jesuits. “He was promised protection for his family, his wife and his son,” yet Fatma turned on him and he “cannot even see his own son.” This demonstrates that Lucifer cannot be trusted. Because of his alliance with Lucifer, Leo was part of generating the Earthquake in China. Mozi delivered Leo from Lucifer during a 48 hour long exorcism ritual which took place earlier in 2008.

(TS 00:16:57)Fight for the Truth, Rather than Evil

Mozi states: “Fight for the truth, don’t fight evil. Because when we fight evil we have only human energy and human resources. And we find ourselves wary, burned out, tired, frustrated by wanting the right things but not applying the right method to get what we want to see on the other side of the equal sign. In this equation of trying to find the total sum of victory, we have to look at what’s going on and assess it through spiritual eyes. And when it’s a spiritual battle much more is accomplished than when it’s just done on a human level.”

(TS 00:19:36)The Young Faith Healer Named Diego (*)

Mozi and Keri recall the miraculous faith healing session, led by a young wunderkind faith healer dressed as a skater, they attended together only a few weeks ago. They both were healed completely of their respective ailments, as were all other attendees who were afflicted with a wide range of health problems and diseases.

(TS 00:26:20)The Healing Holy Spirit

On the faith healer becoming aware of the entrance of the Holy Spirit into the Church, Keri recounts: “Everything that is us. Like our egos holding us back. Whatever it is that holds us down. It’s like a window that has been opened to actually let it all go. To access something greater than what our egos can strive for.” Since her ego was so hardened because of all the fighting she had been doing with the Vatican since 2002, she almost lost the ability to access God.

(TS 00:29:02)Tyranny and Hypocrisy of the Catholic Church

Keri attributes her fibromyalgia to the sustenance of sexual abuse and the cover-up that ensued while she was part of the strictest of strictest Catholic Congregations known as “The slaves of the immaculate Heart of Mary” of which its doctrine commands that there is “no salvation outside of the Catholic Church.” She says that “it was a plan of the devil to destroy any relationship with Christ that I had.” Furthermore she states that she went through MKULTRA styled mind control experimentation/operation.


The father of MKULTRA, the head of the American branch of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), J Peter Grace, is buried at St Joseph’s Abbey and Spencer, the place where she was abused. She says, “Grace donated a lot of money to get the abbey built. If a Bishop orders you to spend money in a certain way and you refuse it, you will be excommunicated.” She then explains how the Abbey persecuted her to the extent it promised to do if Keri were to turn on it, which she did, by exposing the abuse she suffered. As a consequence Keri was denied refuge to all other abbeys and became sick with fibromyalgia. Edward John Mulaney, a serial sex abuser also resides at the Abbey.

(TS 00:38:30)More Details on Keri’s and Mozi’s Wondrous Healing Process

The conversation now goes into the detail of the healing process Keri and Mozi went through. It is a stunning testimony to an amazing feat of faith healing. At my request, Mozi explains who this young faith healer is and how he obtained his amazing faith healing capabilities.

(TS 01:01:48)Fighting Evil on a Spiritual Plane

How does one fight evil on a spiritual plane rather than the physical plane? Keri lets me know that this is the stuff the “Vatican and the demons tremble to even hear you ask.” Mozi tells me that exorcisms can be performed without the mediation of the Catholic Church and that faith in Jesus Christ and seeking contact with the Holy Spirit in principle is sufficient. People can be healed and/or delivered from demonic attacks without the mediation of third parties (who always have ulterior motives) and who are claiming to be the sole available channel for communication with God; an effective technique of mental coercion or mind control.

(TS 01:14:32)Keri and the Catholic Church

Keri explains that she was part of a Cistercian (Trappist) branch of spirituality (break off of the Benedictians) adhering to the same spiritual tenets as the Knights Templar of old; founded in 1098. Keri explains that she was aligned with something demonic without her knowledge. “You cannot bless and curse at the same time.” “The Catholic Church broke away from original Christianity in 1054,” Keri says. This is called the East-West Schism in Wikipedia.

(TS 01:18:53)Frank O’Collins – Almanac of Evil – Fact or Fiction?

Frank O’Collins’ Almanac of Evil (the book used to be available on Greg Szymanksi’s Arcticbeacon.com but since it appears to be down I uploaded the document to Scribd.com). Keri explains that O’Collins mixes fact with fiction when he describes the actions of the Church prior to 1054. It’s remarkable that his work finds approval by his uncle, who is a practicing high ranking Jesuit working in the Vatican. Keri says that the latter half, unlike the first half, is verifiably true.


(TS 01:27:22)The Orthodox Christian past of the Roman Church

Keri explains that the Roman Church originally was Orthodox Christian in doctrine and theology. In 1054 Rome broke away and tried to dominate the other four traditionally Orthodox Christian bishoprics. Keri verifies that the Roman Church is a stealthy continuation of the Holy Roman Empire. “The Patriarch turned from a Father into the Anti-Christ. […] It verifies in its own Orthodox sense in the 600s that if a Pope should do this (One Patriarch rule over all other Patriarchs), it has become the predecessor to the Anti-Christ himself. It’s in their own (Orthodox) writings.”

Continued with part two.

(*)Recitification Moziah told me in another interview that, the the young man’s name should be “Diga” rather than “Diego.” His website can be accessed here.

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