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December 4, 2008

Sister Keri and Moziah – Fighting Evil on a Spiritual Level (2of2)

Continued from part one.


(TS 01:30:37)Constantine: Saint or Villain?

Keri says that Constantine left Rome for Constantinople, while taking with him the whole commercial apparatus that belonged to Rome (merchants, bankers etc.), in an effort to protect the growth of Christianity. O’Collins states that Constantine killed pagans in order to erect Christianity, “a flat out lie” says Keri as “he did not kill pagans.” He passed the Edict of Milan just to allow the pagans to coexist with the Christians. “Constantine did not force Christianity on the Empire. And he certainly did not need the Christians to unify.”


(TS 01:41:55)More on Frank O’Collins

Frank O’Collins, is given a chance to state the truth with Keri otherwise she concludes that he then must be part of the Vatican, implying that he is sent out by the Vatican to obfuscate the truth. Constantine is regarded a Saint by the Orthodox Church.

(TS: 01:42:45)More on the Spiritual Fight

In the light of fighting back on a spiritual level. Keri goes, “If we do not know the first 300 and some years of Christianity, mark my words, with the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, and this stuff that’s coming up in the End Times, we will lose our faith wholesale.” These are the gloves Keri has chosen to wear.

John 4:24: “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

(TS 01:44:49)Why the Roman Church is Invested with Demons?

I ask how it can be possible that the RC is invested with demons. Keri replies that the moment the Church took their eyes off of Christ (in 1054) it embraced the Anti-Christ as the vicar of Christ.

“The Vatican has no child protection policy. The only policy they have is to protect the perpetrators.”Source

(TS 01:46:31)Crimen Solicitationis

Crimen Solicitationis formally deals with the sexual abuse perpetrated by the clergy and states how many cases per clergy member are admissible according to Canon Law. Keri recounts that Orthodox priests were very receptive to her demand of bringing about full exposure of any cases of sexual abuse going on within the confines of their Church. On the contrary, she stumbled on much resistance with Catholic clergy when she pleaded the same insistence for exposure. The victims in the Roman Church will be punished with the sentence of excommunication (Latae Sententiae) if they report their sexual abuse to the authorities. The Roman Church not only is heretical, since she broke away from the true Church of Christ in 1054, she is also a commercial enterprise, or corporation if you will or (my suggestion:) a corporation of exploitation.

(TS 01:55:11)Monks Sexually Abused at St Joseph’s Abbey

Keri recounts an experience she had when praying for hours a day near the praying wall of St Joseph’s Abbey and saw “monks climb over the wall” only to cry on Keri’s shoulder and tell her how “they had been sexually abused behind the wall.” She explains how the monks are trapped and cannot go anywhere except stay in the monastery. If they would try to leave they will be excommunicated and thus their very survival would hang in the balance. Monks who were sexually abused before entering the convent would be sought after by resident monks and then “preyed on through the confessional.”

(TS 01:59:19)The Missing Element in Leo’s Fight

Mozi raises her doubts regarding the effectiveness of Leo’s fight against the Beast from within. She states that a lot of time and energy is wasted on Leo’s personal stuff. “Where’s the Committee of Hope?”, she asks? “What is happening that has changed?” She says that the missing element in Leo’s approach is Jesus Christ.

(TS 02:04:01)The Demon Called Fibromyalgia

I ask Keri if fibromyalgia is demon mediated (what I mean by that is, is the disease caused and/or maintained by a demonic force or entity?). Keri affirms this and adds that she’s too strong for demons to get a hold of (“the light is bigger than him (the devil)”, she exclaims).

(TS 02:06:57)Christian Wedding Performed by a 33rd Degree Freemason?

Moziah recounts an experience she had being a witness to a wedding in which a 33rd degree mason was performing the matrimonial service. At my request she relates how masonry and Christianity are diametrically opposed, “intentionally and by necessity.” Masonry is a “demonic stronghold”, she explains. Keri says that the symbol of masonry is a “world with a net around it.”


(TS 02:11:53)The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled…

The biggest secret is the greatest trick the devil ever pulled: to convince the world that he doesn’t exist, or that he’s real. Demonic possession is nowadays brushed off as being a psychopathological ailment rather than a spiritual besiegement, all the while the demoniac is encouraged to take lots of pharmaceuticals/psychotropic drugs (“gambutrol”) to help the sufferer mitigate the symptoms without getting to the heart of the problem.

(TS 02:19:11)The Face of God

Keri recounts how she saw the face of God, and in vivid detail at that.

(TS 02:28:07)Recommended Reading of Scripture

At my request, for the purpose of I learning scripture while minimizing reading disinformation, the Bible Mozi recommends is the “Tanakh, which also has the Torah in it, Jewish Publication Society (JPS).” Mozi further recommends, “for the new testament, get the Peshitta version, directly from the Aramaic by Rocco A Errico and translated by George M Lamsa.”

(TS 02:30:18)Spirit of Fear

Spirit of fear is not a gift of God unlike the spirit of power and love and a sound mind. “Fear hath torment. There is no torment in knowing God and in his presence”, Moziah recounts.

(TS 02:40:41)Mozi’s Healing House of God

Keri says “God is all in this house.” Keri says to Mozi, “I was worried how I would feel in your house cause I don’t really know you. And I’m not really fond of kids.” She then says, “this is planet of its own. Where am I?” Mozi then makes an open invitation to the listeners: “If you’ve been plagued by things, weird things are happening to you. You do things you don’t want to do and the good that you do, you always find out that you’re doing the opposite. If you want peace and you feel you’re a wreck. If you have disease and you wanna be healed? If you have demons and you wanna be set free, come over. I’m no a rich person you come to my house cause you would think I’m lying cause I live in this magnificent house God takes care of me; I have no job.”

(TS 02:42:21)The Work of God

“I don’t worry about tomorrow. […] I’m in the now.” Seeing the diabolical attacks “the first week she’s in town,” Keri asked Mozi, “How do you live like this?” “Everything tries to come against me. How all these different secret services and the Vatican and their Intelligence, how they have set up to sabotage me. Especially since I met Leo and my name got smashed all over the place and they haven’t a victory. They cannot put this fire out. This is bonfire that Christ himself set on fire and the Holy Spirit keeps adding fuel to it.”


(TS 02:48:42)Idolatry and Healing

Thou shalt not worship engraven images (idolatry). Keri states, “Anything that blocks us from the truth of who God is, is an idol. That’s it.” Mozi then says: “If we don’t know the Holy Trinity, intimately, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. It’s like a fairy tale. Is it me, that I’m holy and I live great? No. It’s about that I know the Christ and I love him and whatever else needs to be changed, I’m willing to admit, I’m fallible, don’t look to me I’m not perfect. But I know the one that is. And while he brings you to perfection, I’m coming along for the ride too. And in this humility, healings happen like what you have Phil. I want you to be healed. So does God, that’s why he sent Jesus but my desire for you to be healed is not enough. You have to be willing to step out of the boat like Peter did. And walk on water while all the other disciples stayed on.” She then gives me a spiritual recipe of healing which is based on finding communion with God. Keri and Mozi are two living examples that it really works.

(TS 02:57:00)Contact Information

Mozi gives out her email address to anyone who needs spiritual help and/or be healed and/or exorcized. Her email address is: MTA75104 [at] yahoo.com. Should her email box become blocked, then send me an email: truthandlogic [at] orange.nl, or drop me a message on this blog, and I’ll forward it to Moziah myself. Sister Keri can be contacted here.

The interview alluded to above can be downloaded, HERE.

Addendum 20 January 09:
Moziah can also be heard on a most recent interview I did with her on how she facilitated the casting out of Lucifer in the Illuminati Grand Master Leo Lyon Zagami.

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