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January 13, 2010

Commentary to the “What is Ego?” Video

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What is Ego? (Andrew Cohen)

Self-confidence can only be regarded as an attribute of the ego if the ego uses it to put other people down and tries to feel better than other people. This particular manifestation of self-confidence is called pride. On the other hand, if self-confidence is used to humbly tow other people along, it is manifested in the spirit.

Indeed, any characteristic or trait of the individual becomes an attribute of the ego if and only if the ego uses it to negatively impact or regard other people; on the other hand, if it is used to positively affect other people without negatively affecting some other people then and only then can it be regarded to be part of the (divine) spirit.

The effect of putting people down based on pride is to cause the generation of guilt (or, a guilty conscience) on the part of the person who’s doing the act of depreciation. As such, that person tends to brace for retaliation coming from the adversely affected party, whether it was done so in actuality (deed) or in potentiality (intention). Since the ego can be construed as a protector of the self, albeit an inferior one because of its inherent myopia and reckless disregard, putting down other people serves to boost one’s ego as it anticipates retaliation.

The effect of towing other people along results in a strengthening of the bonds between the benefactor and his or her beneficiaries. As such, the benefactor’s ego can afford to relax as it would be illogical for it to have to brace itself in order to meet any kind of retaliation coming from the beneficiaries. Indeed the spirit rather than the ego is now boosted as the beneficiaries show appreciation for the service from the benefactor.

The ego seeks to sow segregation and discord whereas the spirit serves to unify and harmonize.

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