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September 1, 2008

Is Logic a Meme?

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Also written by me in the same period at the two reward pathway hypotheses, is an attempt to answer the question of whether logic, as a concept, is memetic or not?


Is Logic a Meme?Logic offers reasonable answers to rational questions. It is a reflection of how the physical world works. Nature ultimately works according to the laws of logic, if it didn’t there would be no such place as our universe in the first place. Anyway, to solve a technical or physical problem requires logic to arrive at a satisfactory working solution. Having a solution based not on logic will have to rely on luck or brute-force operant conditioning (trial-and-error). In general, if the problem solver uses logic [as compared to not using logic] he will come to a higher quality solution in less time and with less expenditure of resources .

Therefore, the logical approach to any problem will be preferred over other – less logical and more irrational – approaches. People will gain competitive edges by developing an affinity for emphasizing logic in their problem solving approach. In the past, there ought to have been a true genetic interest in developing, either via creation or imitation, logical behavior. This means a memetic drive towards thinking more-and-more logical, analogous to the memetic driving leading to the big human brain as Susan Blackmore argues in `The Meme-Machine’.

It therefore seems only logical (!) to infer that, yes indeed, logic is synonymous to an extremely powerful memeplex. This niche is supported by the existence of the whole realm of rational-thought disciplines
built on logic. Mathematics, science and technology are examples of extremely successful memeplexes which would not have come to existence without logic.

Indeed, I owe it to logic that I’m capable of coming to the conclusion that, indeed, logic is a memeplex, and a very successful one at that.


Philip Jonkers.


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