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April 20, 2009

Moziah Frees her Cousin Tina from Demonic Possession (Part 1of2)

Here is the article that belongs to a recent two part informal interview I did with my dear friend Moziah and her cousin, a young lady named Tina. Moziah loves the Lord (and vice versa) and so enjoys a very close relationship with the Holy Trinity. In addition, Moziah is an experienced exorcist who for over ten years successfully set people free from their demons. If you haven’t already, I recommend the reader to also check out an earlier interview I did with Moziah and Sister Keri. Tina suffered from severe demonic attacks to the point of dominating her life and turning it into a living hell. Yearning for deliverance, she turned to Moziah for help.

This is her story.

PART 1of2
Part 2of2

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Introductory by Moziah

Basic Bio

I suggest to Tina to start off the interview by telling a bit about herself and then share with me the time when she found out that there was something fundamentally wrong with her.

Tina, 25 year old female from Tuscon AZ, now living in Texas, used to work with the developmentally disabled and severely mentally ill patients.

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Born a Blue Baby

She already knew something was wrong with her when she was a child. Tina was born a blue baby who was given a declaration of death and although the doctors managed to revive her they told her mother that she would be left mentally retarded. Her early youth was troubled by all kinds of physical trauma brought about by misadventure, she suffered from seizures to the 6th grade and was rather slow on learning. She wasn’t able to tie her shoes before the age of 12, and didn’t know left from right. After the 6th grade, however, her mental disadvantage started to dissipate and she started to advance in her studies and even excelled in math and science.

Dysfunctional Family

Before she reached age 6, she witnessed a lot of dysfunctionality happening in her family. Her father was a “deeply troubled alcoholic and drug abuser.” Her mother “worked two jobs most of her life to support all of her children,” so she was not home most of the time. Her father would often come home drunk and was quick to pass out and so was of little help to anyone. There was a lot of hatred and a lot of physical fighting going on between her brothers and sisters. Not rarely, blood was drawn and the police were called, “everybody was angry in her home all the time,  mad at each-other, mad at their situation.” As a child she was puzzled why this happened to her and her family.

Audio 1; AUDIO 2; Audio 3

After we were mysteriously disconnected and Moziah and I allowed ourselves some time to elaborate on its probable cause, the interview continues.

Overpowering and Unworldly Forces

Tina mentions that there was incestuous/sexual abuse going between immediate members of her family. It led her to become very distraught at an early age and she didn’t understand why she and her family members were doing the things they were doing. It all didn’t make sense to her and made her feel dirty. On top of the incestuous activity, acts of bestiality also took place. As a consequence, she became confused and lost in almost a whole other world. She felt she wasn’t herself and that it wasn’t her who was doing the things she did. After abuse she would feel horrified and she would swear to not do it again, only to find out that she would, as she felt overpowered by an impulse of compulsion. She couldn’t control her own person, she couldn’t control her own thoughts and her own actions.

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Witnessing a Demon For the First Time

Tina then shares an anecdote in which she experienced a very specific event with demonic entities that involved Tina’s cousin, Moziah’s brother Aaron. Tina’s little brother would cry every night before he went to bed and would tell his mother that there was a monster in his closet. One night he begged Tina to allow him to sleep in her bed because he was that afraid. Tina woke up that night to an overwhelming feeling of evil that was present in her room. She opened the closet door and there was a shadow form that had bright red eyes and that went from one side of the closet to the other. She jumped up and screamed and called her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother shut the closet door and made a sign of a cross over the closet with olive oil and prayed. The closet began to rumble insanely loud and whatever was in there became very angry. Tina became so frightened that she left the room. Once they had come over a priest to bless the home, the demon disappeared.

Family Schism

The hatred and anger in her home remained though. Tina’s mother and father were constantly fighting and they were constantly talking about getting a divorce. A peculiar family schism emerged in which Tina was daddy’s girl and her sister was mommy’s girl. Everything that one of them did affected the other. If her sister did good then her dad would punish her and be good to Tina and if she did good her mother would punish her and be good to her sister. Her sister had a different father and Tina suggested that this “came into play as well.”

Chicken-or-the-Egg Question

I ask Tina what scenario is more appropriate: dysfunctionality attracting demons, or demons causing dysfunctionality.
She explains that the dysfunctionality and disharmony in her family is very demonic. She maintains that the demonic factor falls back into their bloodline and it has been there for generations. She says that demons and afflictions are passed on through her bloodline. This is how a generational demonic curse is passed on. She goes on to say that none of her family is saved besides herself and that they all are still demonically possessed.

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Tina mentions a book written by CS Lewis called the Screwtape Letters, a work of fiction which details how one demon feeds off of another, through using us as their vehicles, and how it induces lack of harmony and dysfunctionality in the lives of their human targets. In the meantime, we’re left behind in a state of confusion thinking that it’s all done by ordinary people, when really it’s not.

Seeking Solace in Drugs

In the 6th grade Tina began using drugs as a means of escape as “she didn’t know where to go,” or what else to do. She pondered the question why, if God was such a good God, were the things happening to her and her family. Starting out with Marijuana she ended up dropping hits of acid before she reached the 8th grade. She reveals that drugs were the only thing that made her not think and not feel and that drugs eased the pain. Tina talks about how the relationship between her father and her was really good. At 6th grade however, her father started to become violent and took his frustrations out on Tina and Tina only. He would never touch any other of her siblings. Because of the violence, she began using more drugs. She was living a hell on Earth.

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Demonically Possessed Father

Tina brings up an anecdote in which a very violent confrontation between her and her dad happening in their home ended up with Tina kicking her dad in the balls and told him that if he ever should touch her again, she’d “fucking kill him.” Her father then went to the kitchen and grabbed the largest butcher knife. She ran into her room and locked herself up. Her dad busted the door down. Tina now realizes that it wasn’t her father who was animating him. He walks towards her, grabs her arms and wraps them around the butcher knife and begins to press it into his chest. His eyes look like she never had seen before, and challenged her with the words: “Kill me! Fucking do it. You kill me right now!” Tina was screaming and trying to let go off the knife but he wouldn’t let her. A struggle ensued and she finally managed to take the knife away. He then grabs a pallet gun, wraps it up with sticky tape to make it look like a 357 Magnum, sits down in the Arizona room and tells her he’s gonna kill himself. Tina then calls 911 and police-cars arrive. Her dad busts open the front-door from the inside out and threateningly approaches the cops with the pallet gun drawn and aimed at them. He tried to commit suicide by cop, in front of his three children who were in home. Fortunately however, the police officers overcame him, recovered the gun, put handcuffs on and put him in a police car. As the police cars rolls off with her father, he turns his head towards Tina and her siblings and is smiling and laughing. A laugh that was “sick and made no sense,” i.e. demonic.

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Glimmer of Hope

After that ordeal her father went into drug rehab. Ironically but understandably, Tina began using more drugs and became extremely addicted to crack and cocaine. It took over her life to the point where she cared for nothing else. Her mother came across poetry that she had written and because of its dark and ugly nature she sent her to a psychiatrist who then put her on anti-depressants. It ended up robbing her of her concentration and thinking ability and therefore didn’t take long before she entered a drug rehab too. During that time Tina and her father became very close again and he apologized for everything that he had done to her. From that moment on they both tried to be sober, lived the twelve steps and tried to get their lives back on track. Her dad became her best friend and everything she had prayed to God for.

Father Says Goodbye to Tina

Shortly thereafter Tina was about 15 when her father came to her work at Taco Bell to see her. He came to say goodbye, although she didn’t understand at the time he came to do that. He grabbed and held on to her telling her that he loved her. With the clock running Tina had to get back to work but he wouldn’t let go of her. He whispered in her ear, “that no matter what, I just want to let you know how much I love you.” At thanksgiving morning her father committed suicide. She turned very distraught and upset and began to beat herself up. She says that suicide takes on a whole other form as it “leaves so many rocks uncovered and leaves so many questions unanswered.” It leaves so many people to blame, so Tina and her family started pointing fingers at themselves.

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Tina Despairs and Takes a Nosedive into Drugs

Tina drove into a drug addiction that was “beyond the beyond.” She moved out of her home and got her own apartment. Before she knew she lost her car, and her apartment. She estimated that she did about 2,000 dollar worth of coke a week. She would be up for days, to the point where she “couldn’t stand it anymore.” She would literally get on her hands and feet and scrape through the carpet looking for coke-rock leftovers. A state of paranoia held her company together with the demons whom she could sense crawling on the walls. Drugs seem to have a enhancing influence in being able to sense demons and she states that “with the drugs, come the demons, the paranoia.”

The devil works through many things and drugs is one of them, it’s like a doorway. Through her extravagant drug use, Tina opened up herself to more demonic possession, to more demonic acts of and influences in her life. While she tried to run away from the demons, her flight into drugs actually aggravated the problem. Tina then recounts that she heard voices in her head ever since she was a child. She would hear voices saying things or inciting her to do certain things but that she never talked about this to anyone because she didn’t want to be thrown in a loony bin. The voices in her head would provide her with the impulse to do the incestuous/sexual abuse she would then carry out. At other times she would be on the receiving end of these unclean and unworldly impulses. She would never understand why she was hearing these things and why it would overcome her to the point where she could not stop what she was doing, no matter how hard she tried.

More Suffering

Tina went on with her very heavy drug abuse. She went in and out of drug rehabs; dropped in and out of school; held a job and lost it; and so her torment continued. One-and-a-half year after her dad committed suicide she was taken to an abandoned apartment and was raped. She felt as if the rapist had stolen a piece of her soul. After that Tina dove into extreme sexual promiscuity while being convinced of the virtue of the rationale that becoming good in sex is what will grant you a good relationship with a man.

Set Free through Moziah

In 2006 Tina met with Moziah. All those years of torment and abuse left her feeling like a walking zombie and she became depressed to the point of suicide. Moziah and Tina started to pray together. As she started to pray, something inside her became so angry and started encouraging her to “punch Moziah in the mouth.” Whatever it was inside Tina, it hated Moziah. Her very presence was making them scream. Moziah started to say the word of God and the more she spoke, the more enraged the demon inside her became. As Moziah continued to pray for her, the demon was cast out and Tina felt as if a heavy weight was lifted from her. She literally felt 100 pounds lighter. After this initial exorcism however, Moziah let Tina know that there was still more inside her.

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Jezebel Spirit

That next day, Moziah started to read out loud of the Jezebel Spirit to Tina. Tina suddenly got so mad that she left the room, slammed the door, ran outside and found herself “pissed for no reason,” that ended in a screaming match with her mother in the backyard. She was totally bewildered why she got so mad. When Tina and Moziah again started praying together, the same thing happened to Tina again. Tina started to pray and was crying out to God that there has to be something more to this life, that there has to be more than confusion and pain and anger and hurt and mistrust and not being able to live. “There has to be more.” While she was crying to God, she opens her eyes and sees Moziah sitting before her. But it wasn’t Moziah. As God is her witness she saw Moziah’s eyes disappear, became glazed over, and she saw the crystal blue clear eyes of the Holy Father, who said the words “forgive me.”

She tried to say, “I forgive you”, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth, and she cried and said “I can’t…” God looked at her and told her “you can do all things through Christ your Lord who strengthens you.” She continued to be unable to say “I forgive you” and said instead, “if this is true Father, send the Christ to me and give me the strength through him.” Before she knew it, she managed to say, “I forgive you.”

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All the bad things that had happened in her life, she blamed on Him. She was angry at the Father. Until that point, she could not forgive the Father for the things that had happened to her family. Again, as soon as she said the words, “I forgive you”, the thing inside her became very angry and hostile. She could literally see the invisible claws dug so deep into her heart being ripped out, uplifted and uprooted.

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The Importance of Tina’s Story

The Father told her that her testimony would break many shackles and that she was to bring people to the Kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit surrounded her, in a way that she never felt before. It encompassed and enveloped her and rose her up. As the claws ripped out of her heart, the Lord just put his hand like a window washer and she saw the light fill within her heart and within her soul and she was set completely free. Tina thanks the Lord and her life radically changed from that moment.

God is Within Us

Unfortunately, the Devil always tries to come back, even after a person was set free. It was clearly noticeable that she had been set free and Tina’s mother and Moziah’s mother could see this from her countenance. Tina then asked God to assist her in “fulfilling that which he has set before her because I failed so many times in my past and I don’t wanna fail at this. I have a chance at life and I can breathe again. I wish you could be with me always. How do I forever feel your presence?” The Lord answered and told her to get up and to walk to the mirror. As she stood in front of the mirror, she leaned over the sink and stared into her own eyes. Her eyes changed and she saw the Lord’s eyes; the same eyes as she saw in Moziah’s eyes, and it scared her. He spoke to her with the gentle words, “any time you seek Me, I am within you. You come and you look into yourself.”

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Excursion to Israel

Shortly after, while visiting Israel together with Moziah and her cousin, Moziah baptized Tina in the Jordan river and a white dove sails above her head as Moziah picks her up from the water. At a different occasion, when they were at the Kotel at the prayer wall, the Western Wall at Jerusalem, a dove came sitting down at the wall right above her. Moziah mentions that Tina had no idea at the time that a dove represents the Holy Spirit.

After the excursion to Israel, Tina went back to her life, while lacking a spiritual support base unfortunately. There wasn’t a Church that her mother or sister went to. Through an unfortunate chain of events, Tina slid back into a life of drugs and met what seemed to the love of her life. Even though having been graciously saved by the Lord, she still felt an overwhelming desire to be loved. Ever since her father’s suicide she yearned for a male figure in her life who’d provide her with approval and love. Fueled by her yearnings she continued to look for that male figure, even after the Father had spoken to her the words, “keep yourself holy and pure for I will send a man to you.” After many tumultuous relationships she came to her last one. When she met this person, she met her as a male, while ‘he’ actually turned out to be a she: a transgendered female-to-male. However, by that time, Tina was in love with her and so it didn’t matter to her.

Tina’s Unhealthy Relationship

The further on they got in their relationship, that would span 2,5 years, Tina noticed “things that weren’t necessarily right.” Her significant other became controlling and violent to the point where blood was shed and the police were called. And yet in spite of it all, there was an unconditional love Tina had for her and she felt sorry for her and so couldn’t leave her. Although her partner was religious and they both went to Church together, the longer she was with her, the more Tina could sense the presence of demons within her. As a response, Tina started using drugs again, although they were prescription drugs this time. She again lost the ability to focus and concentrate and even something simple such as praying became a “thing of the past.”

Tina sensed there were demons present and she knew there were demons within her significant other as she had seen and heard them. The demonic presence became so strong to the point where it would rob Tina of her sleep. She would wake up screaming in the middle of the night because she “could feel hundreds of demons crawling all over her walls.” She could even feel something crawling on top of her. The drugs overtook her and she became severely depressed and arrived at the point where she could barely function anymore. Her significant other and Tina’s mother admitted her to a psych ward, where she stayed for two weeks. Although she tried to explain what was going on, no-one would listen to her and “they continued to shove pills down her throat.” She turned into a zombie. The demons she could sense at the ward were awful. She was convinced she “was in hell,” and no-one could help her.

Moziah’s Letter

After she was released from the hospital, and continued with her relationship she received a letter from Moziah – whom she hadn’t spoken to over a year ever since they both came back from Israel. The theme of the letter was a condemnation of homosexuality on the basis of it being prohibited by God. Moziah explains that by engaging in homosexual acts, one opens oneself up to some “tormenting demons” (e.g. “Choronzon 333”, in the case of sodomy). She states that homosexual activity invites demons and even principalities to “really badger a person’s human life, through torment of the mind and of the spirit.” It’s awkward because Moziah wasn’t aware that Tina was caught up in a de-facto homosexual relationship and she didn’t know why she was writing that letter because as far as she knew, “she was rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ for Jesus.”

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Is Homosexuality Demonic?

I ask Moziah if she thinks homosexuality is intrinsically demonic in nature. Moziah confirms that this is indeed the case because it “keeps us degraded.” She then states that sexual magic and its origins, intercourse between a husband and a wife, when it’s practiced properly is principally different from male-male or female-female intercourse, which are sexual acts that are not recognized in the higher realms because “there’s no life that can be produced.” Moziah stresses that homosexuality is demonic oriented and demonic in origin, “all of it.”

Being Sucked In Again

Tina continues talking about her relationship and the vow she made to her significant other. While refusing to abandon her as everybody else had, she promised her: “I will never leave you, I will follow you to Hell, and back if need be.” Tina adds that, “you actually speak things into existence and when you make inner vows, you’re putting a seal on your soul.” And she indeed went to hell with her significant other. Chaos was their life, it took over everything. They couldn’t have normal lives. It got to the point where she had no other choice but to call Moziah, who then told her that if she was serious and if she really wanted Jesus she should come over to her immediately and leave her normal earthly obligations for what they were. And thus she accepted.

Unfortunately, Tina’s partner didn’t take her initiative to stay with Moziah too well and after an emotional confrontation Tina was drawn more and more to staying with her partner rather than going to Moziah. As they were hugging together Tina felt herself being sucked in and a demonic voice that wasn’t her partner’s whispered to Tina, “I got you…” Tina screamed, the police came her significant other was taken away. The next morning she packed a few of the portable belongings and went her way to meet with Moziah in Texas.

Tina then embarks on a journey of spiritual healing and nourishment. Everything that she prayed, and asked God for, “he answered,” including specific things between herself and the Lord. She confirms that God indeed does listen to our prayers, “no matter how small or big, they are music to his ears and he responds and he answers and if you ask you will receive.”

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How to Bring Out the Christ in Us

After a small interruption, Tina says that we need to lay down our lives and live for God, “for once we lay down our lives we will be given a new one.” On one particular occasion, Tina went to lie down in Moziah’s bedroom upstairs. God took her outside of her body and she described the experience as if she was on a merry-go-round. I interrupt Tina and ask her how to live a life for God since most people in the Western world are predominantly egocentric and are used to living a life just for themselves. Tina tells me that God will show you the way if you call on him. “If you’ll ask him, he’ll tell you how to live your life for the Lord.”

She goes on to interpret the human mind as a battlefield between ego-based thoughts, which are intrinsically demonic, and Christ-based thoughts, which comprise our true identity – our rightful divine heritage to have. As Christ resides within us, we are each individual emanations of Christ. To manifest the Christ consciousness within us, the animalistic ego consciousness needs to be rid of, something that requires a great deal of daily work. In order to kill the ego it is crucial to become fully aware of the mechanisms of the ego through inner work. That is, one should continually critically examine one’s inner self during occasions in which the ego flares up; when we’re offended, or when we worry, when we are angry, or fearful, but also when we crave, etc.. Moziah argues that it is important to always look to give (Christ-like) as opposed to take (ego-like)…

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