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September 18, 2008

Youtube, Lieberman and Censorship

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YouTube’s Mass Censorship (S1959)

I have an idea. If we all post a few comments each, we can get this vid to the No’1 Most Discussed in News & Politics. It’s currently at No’19. So please post a comment. If you can’t think of anything to say, just say “F*CK YOUTUBE”. If each of us does that a few times, we should get this vid to No1 most-discussed and then YouTube will not be able to brush this issue under the carpet like they always do. They are censoring the view counter so we have to try whatever we can folks.

If you have any vids on your channel, please add a few of them as a video response to this vid so we can get to the top of the most-responded list for today. Please help 🙂

We all know that YouTube is suppressing the true number of views on this vid to stop it from going viral. Therefore we have to keep posting comments, keep rating and keep posting video responses. That way we can get this vid to the top of all the other lists. Once we do that, it will be SO obvious that YouTube are censoring the view count, they will have to hide their heads in shame. Let’s do it folks. Let’s show them that we have the power!

This is an emergency bulletin from AdvocacyCorporation. I have re-posted it here so so that we can inform as many people as possible about what YouTube is doing. It explains why many truth channels are being suspended by YouTube for no apparent reason. YouTube as a company is being FORCED and PRESSURED by the federal government to impose this censorship.

Please spread this video around. Upload it to your channel, send it to all your YouTube friends, add it to your favorites, do whatever you can to let people know about this. On the other hand, if you dont care about this subject, and you’re happy for YouTube to contain only crappy brain-dead videos showing things like a cat riding a skateboard, or some girl wiggling her butt in front of her webcam, then do nothing.

USA180 – Emergency Bulletin:

YouTube Makes Sen. Lieberman Happy With New Anti-Terrorism Guidelines


Listen up people, they are implementing parts of S1959 – The Homegrown Terrorism Act – It HAS NOT PASSED THE SENATE. The language is the same. It’s “Force or Violence” to promote a religious, social or political belief. Under this law if you stop someone on the street and hand them a Bible you can be considered a TERRORIST. If you advocate action against a corporation or the government you can be considered a TERRORIST.

If we don’t stop this here at YouTube and raise a HUGE CONCERN right now – they will pass S1959. They will rationalize that we will ACCEPT the censorship and go further. While the request of Senator Lieberman SEEMS reasonable the bill itself has so many holes that you could interpret it MANY different ways. There are videos on this – I suggest you watch them or go to http://www.USA180.org and look at our analysis of the bill itself. We have to act NOW and get this message EVERYWHERE. Create your own video. ACT!

Quoting article:

“In May this year, Sen. Joseph Lieberman demanded YouTube to block videos depicting assassinations, death of US soldiers, as well as weapon training and speeches that encourage violence and could be used as a tool to create homegrown terrorists.”

Please use the link below to sign the petition to stop this bill:



Updated YouTube rules will help purge terrorist videos, says Sen. Lieberman

Google unit bans videos that may incite violence after senator calls for removal of terrorist-made content

September 15, 2008 (Computerworld) YouTube Inc. has updated its guidelines for acceptable content to ban videos that could incite violence, a move that Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) said is a direct response to his request last spring that videos sponsored by terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda be removed from the site.

YouTube had previously turned down the request from Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, that it remove video content produced by terrorist organizations that showed assassinations, the deaths of U.S. soldiers and civilians, weapons training and other material. Lieberman said such content is intended to “encourage violence against the West.”

At the time, YouTube said that most of the videos Lieberman had highlighted did not violate its community standards.

The updated YouTube Community Guidelines, posted last week, note that things “like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people’s personal information and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the terms of use are taken very seriously.”

Those caught violating the rules, the updated guidelines go on to note, may be permanently banned from YouTube. The video-sharing site also added tips and examples to explain its policies on hate speech, violence and other content.

While YouTube didn’t explicitly mention terrorist videos or the pressure from Lieberman, the senator claimed that the move was taken in direct response to his earlier complaints.

“YouTube was being used by Islamist terrorist organizations to recruit and train followers via the Internet and to incite terrorist attacks around the world, including right here in the United States, and Google should be commended for recognizing that,” Lieberman said in a statement. “I expect these stronger community guidelines to decrease the number of videos on YouTube produced by al-Qaeda and affiliated Islamist terrorist organizations.”

Lieberman went on to call on YouTube parent Google Inc. to remove all the videos created by terrorist organizations, not just those that violate the community guidelines.

Mark Hopkins, a blogger at Mashable noted that “the only thing that seems to influence Google to do the right thing in the past has been a combination of media and government pressure” and that companies such as YouTube that operate “large megaphones” to broadcast any group’s message to millions of people need to prevent their tools from being abused by putting into place community and algorithmic controls.

“The pen is mightier than the sword, and the digital pen, as it were, is the most important tool we have these days,” Hopkins added. “If we want to keep it safe from the grubby paws of governmental intervention, companies like Google must implement and enforce standards of policing the community. Otherwise, the government will do that for us, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we do not want that.”

Mike Masnick, president and CEO of IT research firm Techdirt Inc., argued that trying to ban terrorists from posting videos to YouTube is shortsighted and won’t work.

“Those videos will quickly pop back up on other sites that won’t take them down,” he noted. “Second, most of those videos are preaching to the choir. It’s unlikely that very many people are being recruited to the terrorists’ causes by a grainy video on YouTube.”

Masnick also said that letting terrorists post their videos to mainstream sites such as YouTube should help authorities figure out who’s posting the videos and where they’re coming from.

He went on to note that free speech is a key principle of the rights enjoyed by citizens of the U.S.

“Part of that principle is that it allows people to respond,” he added. “So, yes, the videos may be pure propaganda, but there’s no reason that people can’t respond to the videos and show why they’re propaganda and wrong. Confronting your critics is a reasonable stance. Demanding that they cannot speak is not.”


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