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November 27, 2009

Unmasking the Roman Catholic “Our Lady of Fatima”

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

Unmasking the Roman Catholic “Our Lady of Fatima”
Table of Contents
The Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, NY
Taking Pictures and Praying against Jezebel inside the Shrine
What is “Our Lady of Fatima”?
Competing with Christ, Conflict with Scripture
Mariology, Catholic Mary Apologetics
What Being does Our Lady of Fatima Represent?
Our Lady of Fatima, Usurper and Deceiver
Addressing the Historical Context of “Our Lady of Fatima”
Nazism and Communism, Raised by the Vatican
The Vatican’s Undying Fetish for Socialism
A: The Messages of “Our Lady of Fatima”
B: The Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism (1of3)
The Jesuits Perfected Communism in the Paraguayan “Reductions” of the 17th and 18th Century
Jesuits and the Russian Revolution
B: The Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism (2of3)
Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin, Jesuit Creation and Jesuit Tool
Cuban Communist Dictator Fidel Castro, Trained by Jesuits
B: The Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism (3of3)
The Second Vatican Council
The Pact of Metz
Liberation Theology
Adolfo Nicholas and Liberation Theology
Catholic Vindication of Marx
Making Sense of the Schizophrenic Relationship between the Roman Church and Communism
C: The Relationship between the Roman Church and National Socialism (1of2)
On the Kinship between the Catholic Church and Adolf Hitler
The Concordat with Nazi Germany
The Jesuit Hand in Nazi Germany
C: The Relationship between the Roman Church and National Socialism (2of2)
Father Staempfle Secretly Writes Mein Kampf
Jesuit Control of Nazi Leadership through Education
Jesuit-trained Joseph Goebbels
High Ranking Nazi Members of the Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM)

In august of this year I came to the US, on having accepted an invitation from my dear friend Moziah to stay with her and family for 3 weeks. Moziah is an experienced deliverance minister and during my stay in the US, she would also rid me of my demons. You can read up about this in one of my previous blogs. Already on the second day of arrival, Moziah and Tabitha, her sister, and I were on our way to New York State. A friend of Moziah, who together with a friend also needed to get rid of some demons, had invited us to spend a week there near the Niagara Falls.

The Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston, NY


We were driving around in the area of Niagara Falls when we passed the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Lewiston – New York. Being a non-Catholic, I had never heard of this Our Lady of Fatima, but that was surely about to change. Over the years Moziah has developed an intimate relationship with the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit routinely talks to her and gives her advice. As we passed the shrine and while Moziah was busy talking (as usual) and so was not at all paying attention to us passing it, the Holy Spirit suddenly whispered in her left ear the already quite familiar Biblical name: “Jezebel.” (If you are unfamiliar with Jezebel and the Jezebel spirit, I recommend my blog When Love Yields to Fear – What is Jezebel all about?)

A statue of Our Lady of Fatima AKA the Virgin Mary standing on the pinnacle of a semi-spherically shaped shrine that symbolizes the world. In other words, by standing on top of the world, she asserts herself as being master over humanity and heavenly mediator (co-redemptrix).

This association of Jezebel with Our Lady of Fatima is most significant because it instantly reveals, courtesy of the Holy Spirit, that Our lady of Fatima is not what she pretends to be. In fact, it became instantly clear that, in fact, she is the exact opposite of the sanctimonious image that people who worship her bear out to the world.

You have to understand that the Holy Spirit revealed to Moziah then and there that Fatima, is just another representation of the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary. The real character of the Virgin Mary will be exposed in considerable degree in a subsequent part of this blog.

Our Lady of Fatima on top of the world

The Virgin Mary on top of the world

Taking Pictures and Praying against Jezebel inside the Shrine

We drove passed the shrine that day but we came back another day to take some pictures of the place and to specifically pray against the demonic entity that is ultimately behind the charade of Our Lady of Fatima. The pictures are scattered across the blog, but are mostly concentrated in this part though.

While we were taking pictures all around us, we moved into the shrine itself. Moziah took her prayer book and sat down to pray specifically against Jezebel. While the others were taking pictures inside I decided to assist Moziah and so I sat down next to her and prayed along.

Here is the book that Moziah used for prayer against Jezebel.

We prayed from page 71 and 72:

Prayers against Jezebel

I loose the hounds of heaven against Jezebel (1 Kings 21:23).
I rebuke and bind the spirits of witchcraft, lust, seduction, intimidation, idolatry, and the whoredom connected to Jezebel.
I release the spirit of Jehu against Jezebel and her cohorts (2 Kings 9:30-33).
I command Jezebel to be thrown down and eaten by the hounds of heaven.
I rebuke all spirits of false teaching, false prophecy, idolatry, and perversion connected with Jezebel (Rev. 2:20).
I loose tribulation against the kingdom of Jezebel (Rev. 2:22).
I cut off the assignment of Jezebel against the ministers of God (1 Kings 19:2).
I cut off and break the powers of every word released by Jezebel against my life.
I cut off and loose myself from all curses of Jezebel and spirits of Jezebel operating in my bloodline.
I cut off the assignment of Jezebel and her daughters to corrupt the church.
I rebuke and cut off the spirit of Athaliah that attempts to destroy the royal seed (2 Kings 11:1).
I come against the spirit of Herodias and cut off the assignment to kill the prophets (Mark 6:22-24).
I rebuke and cut off the spirit of whoredoms (Hos. 4:12).
I rebuke and cut off Jezebel and her witchcrafts in the name of Jesus (2 Kings 9:22).
I rebuke and cut off the harlot and mistress of witchcrafts and break her power over my life and family (Nah. 3:4).
I cut off witchcrafts out of the hands (Mic. 5:12).
I overcome Jezebel and receive power over the nations (Rev. 2:26).

The "Blessed Virgin Mary" showing her "Immaculate Heart"

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria - Founder of the Barnabite Fathers, the Angelic Sisters, and the Laity of St. Paul

Some pictures of bizarre artwork that was put on display inside the shrine:

It just so turned out that the Roman Catholic “fraternal service organization,” the Knights of Columbus, was represented right next to the shrine:

Do you notice the logo of the KofC? The bundle of sticks with an axel head, is a Roman Fasci, or fasces, the “strength through unity” symbol of fascism. A symbol that is still used across the world, including the US:


  1. Tragedy and Sin, Forgiveness and Restoration – My Own Deliverance Story
  2. When Love Yields to Fear – What is a Jezebel Spirit All About?
  3. John Eckhardt – Prayers that Rout Demons

Bird's eye-view of the shrine...

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Continued with: What is “Our Lady of Fatima”?

Disclaimer: This exposition is not meant as an attack on Catholics but rather on Catholic doctrine.
I have nothing against Catholics per se. What is at issue here is exposing evil and evil pretense…


  1. Interesting how strikingly similar these pics are to the dome of the Capitol in DC also has the goddess Persephone atop its dome… An excellent book out there is called “The Grand Design Exposed” by John Daniel :-)It ties it all together quite nicely.

    Comment by oneeagle — November 27, 2009 @ 6:34 pm | Reply

  2. The Holy Spirit came upon Mary (Luke 1:35). The deceiving spirit came upon your friend Mosiah. You were so gullible to believe the deceiving spirit. God put enmity between the woman (Mary) and the serpent (satan). Satan’s offspring hate the Blessed Virgin Mary. All the people of God honor Mary and call her blessed (Luke 1:48)

    Comment by tomprober — October 25, 2011 @ 11:32 am | Reply

  3. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and I resent the idea that Mary is anything less than the Blessed Mother of God. Maybe you are the one who is deceived.

    Comment by Debbie Mattson — November 20, 2012 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

  4. Mary is NOT part of the holy trinity PERIOD.

    Praying to her goes against Gods will.

    Comment by Max — January 13, 2013 @ 6:02 am | Reply

    • 1000 years of genocide, rape of boys and wives; hoarding millions in gold while starvation reigned; openly backing world dictators;a refuge for the Mafia(Irish and Italian); a financial giant with a bank that amasses trillions from interest payments, and an ongoing penchant for copulating with young boys-Come on Yall , Bibles are free…Catholicism is based on worship of the Sun god horus, which is why Galileo was condemned to hell by a simple-minded pope who was too stupid o realize the sun stands still and does no rotate. Mary is dead and buried, just as David(Book of Acts) and has not ascended into heaven

      Comment by joseph c. brown sr. — December 8, 2014 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

  5. Washington DC (Rome on the Potomac)

    The fact that the national Statehouse evolved as a “capitolium” bespeaks Jesuit Roman Catholic Freemason influence. No building can rightly be called a capitol unless it’s a temple of Roman God Jupiter who ruled heaven with his thunderbolts.

    “Jupiter’s mascot was the eagle, which Jesuit Freemasons made Americas mascot as well in 1950. A Roman eagle tops the governing idol of the House of Representatives, a forty six inch sterling silver and ebony wand called a “mace.” The mace is “the symbol of authority in the House.” When the Jesuit Freemason Sergeant at arms displays it before an unruly member of Congress, the mace restores order.

    “America’s national motto “Annuit Coeptis” came from a prayer to Jupiter. It appears in Jesuit Freemason Book IX of Virgil’s epic propaganda, the Aeneid, a poem commissioned just before the birth of Christ by Caius Maecenas, the multi billionaire power behind Augustus Caesar. The poem’s objective was to fashion Rome into an imperial monarchy for which its citizens would gladly sacrifice their lives.”

    The emblem of Jesuit Freemason fascism, a pair of ‘Fasces’, commands the wall above and behind the speaker’s rostrum in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. Fasces are a Jesuit Freemason symbol of power.


    Comment by Max — January 13, 2013 @ 6:03 am | Reply

  6. First – I find it extraordinary that you base your judgements on a whisper in a friend’s ear WHILE SHE WAS BLABBERING – which is a typical demon possession symptom – of course the whisper couldn’t be from a demon, no… But wait, weren’t you in need of getting rid of some demons yourselves?! Case closed…

    Second – that is just someone’s shrine allegedly put up to Our Lady of Fatima. Who cares? Our Lady of Fatima IS IN FATIMA, PORTUGAL, EUROPE. Ever been there?! I thought so. I AM not a man of faith, I AM not religious let alone catholic, but I frequently go to Fatima to get in touch with the powerful energies of the place – rich crystal bed underground – and the Light Beings THAT OPERATE THERE. You see, anybody can open up a place and call it “something shrine” with whatever intentions. Like yourself, anybody can blurt anything out of their mouths and fingers prior to having be exorcized if ever.

    Third – you should go to the source before opening your mouth or hitting the keyboard. You should also perform heavy duty cleansing before writing anything. I challenge you to come to Fatima and go in the Candle Procession that goes around everyday at 21h30 and dare state in the end it is not the real deal. I dare you to come out of said procession and state you still need an exorcism, that you are carrying any demons, that you are not feeling peaceful like you never felt before.

    Fourth – Our Lady of Fatima or Mother Mary, same being, are not to be mistaken for religious figures or the roman church. Despite these beings being revered by said religious sects, IT DOESN’T MAKE “HER” THEIR PROPERTY. So who cares about the church or orders of knights? It’s like me stating that because you were born in the states, if you were, you are just another autistic zombie worrying about how many TV sets you have, about giving a USD30.000 car to your 16 yo daughter on her birthday or the price of gas and not giving a dang about what happens outside your country’s borders. We have a saying “what has the butt to do with the trousers?” – it applies here in this deplorable text of yours.

    Fifth – You should really ask for forgiveness from Mary but this not because “she” could be offended, “she” is Compassion and Forgiveness herself, but for your sake because your Soul that is always in the know is surely uncomfortable with this blunder of yours. So ask her for forgiveness – AND HELP! – and even more important, forgive yourself, if you can.

    Sixth – The Statues are not similar at all with the Fatima’s statues. Furthermore, Our Lady of Fatima’s status carry a 7 – seven – pointed star on “her” skirt, not a 6 – star of david – pointed star. That alone makes it a whole different ball game. I will not go into the symbology and what i KNOW is the true meaning of said 7 pointed star but it, of course, is vibration and works like a name. A different one. The hand placement seems to be different too. And the face is rather different. I would figure that if such shrine is genuine – ‘cos it could be fake – they would at least order an exact duplicate manufactured in the original place so that they at least would have a genuine statue of “her”. Again, it’s an energy thing and I do believe the priest know a thing or two about that.

    I myself AM writing this to you and to all that may read this page so that you know the Truth – I suggest they decide with their Hearts.

    I AM not offended as, like Mary, I AM Compassion myself and I do realize it is hard for you to discern. It is a challenge for us all and it is itself a major learning that we came down here for – to distinguish Light from shadow and opt accordingly. I do not use prayer but the Light Beings that oversee me – and you – will be automatically including you to be helped. We all need it and Humility is the starting point to effectively receiving help.

    Wishing All Joy, Love and Light ((( ❤ ❤ ❤ )))

    Comment by Miguel Melchizedek — June 28, 2013 @ 9:13 am | Reply

  7. I repeat, the Light Beings such as Our Lady of Fatima/Mother Mary, Yeshua, etc. are above and detached from whomever decides to worship them. This basically kills all that is written here because, as you assert, your intention is to attack the catholic doctrine etc. and Mary has nothing to do with that.

    I AM not fond of any religion, they ALL were invented by Seth, the first priest, brother of Cain and Abel who successfully set them against one another so they’d get out of the way and leave him as Adam and Eve’s sole inheriting male, i.e. ruler of the world. All religions come from the same root-origin. They’re mass control mechanisms, simply put. Love and Light are FREEdom, never control. And just because a sect, whichever it may be, decides to adopt a being for worship it doesn’t make the being the worshipers property. Light Beings are above religions.

    One’s Heart knows what is right and what is not right. A religion profiting from events that took place is their business much like someone opening a shop selling Mary’s statue replicas is their business. Believing in a religion is one’s business too. It has to do with the evolution stage of each person. AND only the Heart and LOVE will make the person wake up to the Truth, never the intellect. As soon as you start pointing out things, the religious adepts will feel you’re telling them they’re in the wrong and they will become defensive, that’s always true with religion. So respect is a must. And I do respect EVERYONE that go to Fatima worship, they do not go for the catholic church. In festive days, when the priests try to take advantage and celebrate mass after the Candle Process they always get dismayed as less than 1/3 of the people that attended the procession stick around to put up with them. I repeat, Our Lady of Fatima and all Light Beings are above religion and criticism. The words you may emit will always remain yours, what you do is your responsibility and no one else’s (meaning that your Soul knows and will never hide from the Truth).

    Gratitude for the attention ((( ❤ ❤ ❤ )))

    Comment by Miguel Melchizedek — June 28, 2013 @ 9:38 am | Reply

  8. This is the most Un-enlightened, uneducated pile of anti Catholic propaganda I’ve ever seen. Free yourself, nothing here is even factual… It’s the work of the father of ….LIES

    “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”
    ― Fulton J. Sheen

    Comment by Rosiegirl — July 9, 2014 @ 1:17 am | Reply

  9. This is really wrong. Mary is an arrow that ALWAYS points to Jesus Christ. She reflects HIS light. As far as this site’s understanding of the Jezebel spirit, it is terribly wrong and is NOT the truth.
    The “Jezebel” kingdom is Satan’s equivalent to God’s Kingdom because it is the complete antithesis to God’s order. The Jezebel kingdom has as levels and layers similar to what we understand as a military structure with such demons as whoring spirits, murder, lust, fornication, homosexuality, rebellion, jealousy, envy, adultery, etc etc not in that order.
    The warfare against this evil kingdom is very difficult and one must be extremely “clean” in order to fight against its presence. That America is falling under her rule more and more everyday can be seen by the number of families being destroyed and the number of men being lead by the nose by her temple prostitutes (they do not have to actually be in an earthly temple to be serving Satan as prostitutes)
    Christians think its only in churches but that is not true although a woman under this demonic authority can be one of the most evil, hateful, conniving woman because she takes God’s words and commits filthy acts when she combines the two. It can be seen in Ezekiel 8 but it is not the mother of our Savior Jesus Christ and to suggest such a thing is just horrible.
    Mary was a Virgin and NOT a Whore; To suggest such a thing is abominable.

    Eve first exhibited this rebellion in the garden as a woman leads her husband/mate to sin against God. There is when we first see the promise of Jesus Christ to come through a “clean” woman/vessel who is Mary. So to suggest Mary is a whore and in conflict to God’s purpose and plan is just so wrong.

    Comment by melinda Fulwood — September 10, 2014 @ 12:10 am | Reply

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